Old Vacuum Cleaner

What to Do with an Old Vacuum Cleaner?

Invested your time in vacuuming but your home has become rather messier? You have tried to clean your home but now it is full of stinks. Why?

The problem might be in your old vacuum cleaner. Well, yes. If your vacuum cleaner can lessen your burden, it can also increase it sometimes. A vacuum cleaner is a general household appliance. It is used in most of homes today. As they maintain your house’s cleanliness, they also need to be maintained in return. An old vacuum can face various problems.

Vacuum cleaners come with a limited warranty. After a particular time, they start gravitating towards their end. And this is when the trouble begins. An old vacuum cleaner may lose suction, a cordless vacuum cleaner may lose its battery, and most importantly, an old vacuum cleaner starts to stink. So when you have invested your time in cleaning but end up with a stinky mess in your home, it is because of your old vacuum cleaner. Today, we’ll discuss various easy ways to remove stinks from your vacuum; the reasons behind such odors; and what can you do with an old vacuum. With a bunch of information, let’s get started one at a time.

How to remove odor from a vacuum cleaner?

Today, in the era of cleaners with aromatic properties including vacuum cleaners, it can be very frustrating when your vacuum produces an odor. Your vacuum cleaner is bought by you to keep your home clean and fresh. It is frustrating when a vacuum cleaner delivers just the opposite of a clean and refreshing sweep.

Not going deeper, the reason is very common. An old vacuum tends to smell very often. And in the case of a bagged vacuum cleaner smells, the odors are intolerable. However, there are ways to remove odor from your vacuum. You don’t need to replace your vacuum, all you have to do is deodorize vacuum cleaner. Deodorizing it is the best answer to your questions like ‘why does my vacuum cleaner stinks’ or ‘why does my vacuum smell’. Sharing all the best ways to prevent odor hereby.

How do you deodorize a vacuum cleaner?

Vacuum cleaners may smell due to many reasons. The odor can come off due to one of them or it can be a combination of many. To know the deodorizing process, you must first know how to clean a vacuum cleaner that smells. You can deodorize your vacuum cleaner and remove the bad smell by following these methods:

Empty the bag or bin

The baggage vacuums are hard to handle; asking for more maintenance. Yes, bags are the culprit in most cases due to the level of cleanliness they demand. Empty them always after you are done with a cleaning session. But if you don’t have a bagged vacuum, check the dust bin.

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Change the bag if you have a bagged vacuum. Changing a bag in a month is important. Empty the bag whenever it’s about full. Apart from this, when you buy a vacuum cleaner bag, focus on original bags meant for your vacuum. Bags are available with a layer of filtration. Such filtration limits the odor.

After emptying the dust container of your vacuum cleaner, wash it with soapy water and rinse it. Keep it in the sun to air-dry. Attach it when it dries.

Clean or Replace the filters

After bags, another part of your vacuum that can cause bad smell is its filters. Take out all the filters from your vacuum and place them under cold water for at least 10 minutes. It will take time to clean them as your filters have too much dirt captured inside due to all that heavy-duty dust trapping. If still, the filters don’t get clean, it’s time to change them.

Wipe the vacuum cleaner

The dirt and grime over and inside the vacuum causes stink. Washing bags and filters are just the beginning of the odor-removing process. Next in line is cleaning the cleaning appliance itself, i.e. the vacuum cleaner. Take a fresh microfiber cloth and damp it with a soapy water solution. Wipe the entire surface of your vacuum cleaner. Alternatively, you can use baking soda for this process. Take half a cup of baking soda and mix it into water. Now wash the vacuum cleaner, and other parts like hoses, belts, etc. with this solution. After that, clean all the parts with fresh water and wipe them with a clean cloth. Pay attention to the inside area of the hose. Unclog the hoses if there are any clogs.

Adding scents

When you have cleaned your vacuum cleaner inside out, the time to add some fresh scents has arrived. If you want your vacuuming to leave refreshing air when you turn it on, scent the bag and the carpet this way. Though it is not a way to deodorize your vacuum cleaner, it can help.

Add perfume pads

The final step to deodorize your vacuum cleaner is to add perfume pads to it. Scented pads are available in a wide range both offline and online. Consumers prefer their favorite fragrance according to their preferences. They are specifically designed to prevent odor from a vacuum cleaner.

You can buy a perfume pad of your preferred scent and place it on the top filter of your vacuum. Turn on the vacuum to let it release a soothing fragrant effect.

How to get rid of the bad smell in a vacuum cleaner?

To get rid of the bad smell in a vacuum cleaner, you can choose from several options. You can use natural ingredients or the chemical-based deodorant to get rid of the bad smell. Here are some best options for this:

• Not many know that cinnamon contains the smell-absorbent extracts. Cinnamon has the power factor that reduces the odor and spreads the fresh scented air. All you have to do is sprinkle a pinch of powdered cinnamon in your vacuum bag or canister. Then leave it to cinnamon to release a nice healthy fragrance across your home.

• In case you don’t like the idea of cinnamon or aren’t impressed with its strong fragrance. You can try other alternatives like coffee beans, sweet-scented spices, or dried orange rinds to still keep it organic.

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• Add some orange or vanilla extracts on a paper towel Choose whichever you prefer. Tear the towel and vacuum it. This will release the fresh fruity smell in the air.

• You can also add some orange peels into your vacuum cleaner bag or the canister through the hole.

• Essential oils are another preferred option for many vacuum owners. Pick the one that is naturally beneficial for health and mind. Lemongrass, lavender, and lemon are the three top essential oils used widely in a vacuum cleaner. When you are thinking ‘why my vacuum stinks’, try this;

Add 25 to 30 drops of essential oil to a 32-ounce spray bottle. Fill it with water and add some baking soda. Spray it inside the bag or bin and see your query and the odor vanish quickly.

• Baking soda has a standard role in keeping a vacuum up to the mark. It has the cleaning properties and the powder substances can absorb the odor.

Pour one tablespoon of baking soda inside the bag. And if you use a bin vacuum, spread some powder on the walls.

• If you aren’t a fan of all these natural options, you can alternatively use some chemical added vacuum cleaner deodorizer to prevent bad smell. A variety of such vacuum deodorizers are available in the market that specializes in removing the bad odor in minutes.

How to get dog smell out of vacuum cleaner?

If you have a dog at home, you must know how the pet can make everything smell like him, especially the vacuum. With all that sucking-in of the pet dander, chances are highest that now your vacuum smells like dog itself. To keep your vacuum free of the dog smell, keep it clean and deodorized as mentioned above. You can remove odor from vacuum cleaners as well.

To get rid of dog vacuum smells you simply have to follow some easy steps:

  1. Keep it clean by washing it with soap and water.
  2. Keep it in sunlight after washing.
  3. Place a scented pad layer.
  4. Sprinkle baking soda on to the carpet.
  5. Use some more scented spices like cinnamon.
  6. Try some essential oils.
  7. Maintain the vacuum cleaner with regular cleaning.
  8. Most importantly, replace the bag in a few months’ intervals and use a vacuum cleaner bag deodorizer.

Why does my vacuum cleaner stink?

To remove stinks from your vacuum cleaner effectively, it is important to know the reasons behind such stinks. Knowing the reasons will help you prevent odor from a vacuum. By the end of this section, you’ll know:

  • What causes vacuum cleaners to stink?
  • Why does a vacuum cleaner stink?
  • What makes a vacuum cleaner stink?

Vacuum cleaner smells due to the following four main reasons:

  1. The main reason behind a stink vacuum cleaner can be pet danders. If you have a pet like a cat, dog, or another furry animal, it’s common for their hair to be the culprit of such stinks. Pet danders are smelly and we all know that. They make the vacuum smell by getting trapped inside. The next culprit is pet urine. If you vacuum pet urine directly, you will certainly face the smell later.

  2. Whether you do or you don’t own a pet, there are other live creatures that are experts at making your vacuum stink. They are none other than bugs. Bugs are everywhere. So when it’s not a pet, it’s a bug. A full stink bug vacuum cleaner becomes really intolerant. Once they get inside your vac, they’ll make sure it stinks, But ‘Can stink bugs escape vacuum cleaners?’ Of course. Follow the cleaning instructions to show them the way out.

  3. You may face a double amount of bad smell due to vacuum cleaners on fire; stink bugs, both happening together. That means that there are stink bugs and the drive belt is burnt. It needs fixing immediately.

  4. Excess of dirt and dust can also be the reason for a smelly vacuum cleaner.

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What to do with an old vacuum cleaner?

Vacuum cleaners come with a limited lifespan. You have used your vacuum for 8 years or 10 years and now, it is not working as before? It is fairly normal. And now is the time to discard it. But it is not that easy to get rid of your vacuum.

How to recycle vacuum cleaners?

When you think of things like recycling, you are a step closer to keeping the planet clean, saving energy, and bringing economic stability.

Reusing your vacuum can be difficult for you. But there are people waiting for your broken vacuum cleaner. Your recycling effort can lend your contribution to those people.

Here is the answer to where to recycle old vacuum cleaners:

At recycling centers

A large portion of your vacuum can be useful for recycling centers. You can contact them for your hoses, cords, body housing, and plastic parts. All these can be recuperated.

At electronic stores

Nowadays, many electronics stores offer recycling options. They accept the parts of your e-waste material.

At scrap yards

You can also consider a scrap yard as a recycling option. They use metal parts. You may not receive tons of dollars. But a few dollars and a cup of coffee will surely make you feel proud of not adding to landfills.

Sell the Parts

You can also sell the parts. You can separate the parts and classify them into two categories including working and non-working. Sell the parts to the appropriate dealer.

When you find that your vacuum cleaner is not reusable. You might be looking for an answer to questions like how to throw out a vacuum or how to dispose of a vacuum or what to do with your old Hoover vacuum models. Since, this appliance is handier than other electronics appliances like tv, computer, or fridge, it is easy to dispose of old vacuum cleaners.

Vacuum cleaner disposal can be done in any of the following ways:


Find the local waste management agency in your region. They accept your disposable electronic appliances like vacuum cleaners. They may charge you a few dollars or maybe accept it for zero cost. If your vacuum cleaner still runs, they would happily have that.


Replacement depends on the policy of the company your vacuum belongs to. In such conditions, they accept the old vacuum, charge you some money, and let you have a new vacuum.

You can also replace your vacuum with some other appliances from the local waste management agency.

Give it away

A vacuum dumpster is another choice. This trend is increasing in urban regions. Community groups encourage the disposal of vacuum cleaners and other electronic devices.

You can also list your vacuum cleaner online, on the C2C or C2B websites. By doing this, you can receive a good amount for your waste vacuum.


It is important to clean your vacuum to keep it odor-free. But if it’s too old, it’s better to bid farewell to it. Old vacuum cleaners can either be recycled or can be disposed of. Well, before disposing of your broken vacuum cleaner, it’s a good idea to have a try on recycling it to reduce the burden on the environment and do your bit.

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