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Top 5 Places To Buy Temporary Wallpaper

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Wallpapers are a part of today’s homeowners’ list of priorities when it comes to remodeling.
However, they have been a part of interior design for many centuries. The intricate patterns
enhance the look of the room, or one can use them to enhance their home’s aesthetics. Thanks
to temporary wallpapers, home remodeling isn’t a big task anymore.
But enough about the benefits of the wallpapers. Where can you find the best temporary
wallpapers in today’s time? Here are the top 5 places to buy temporary wallpaper. Let’s get

Love vs. Design

It is a sister company of Basicinvite.com, a Utah-based website where you get Custom
invitations and holiday cards. They gave a new life to their concept and started their journey into
interior design. Their love for color and passion for pattern helped them create a line of
removable wallpapers and murals.
You can customize your wallpaper color and design in a way that suits them best to your home.
The best part is that you can order a sample of peel-and-stick wallpaper before ordering the
entire lot to see if it fits well with the theme of your home. You can find a variety of categories
here: kids, classic, botanical, tropical, geometric, stripes, and so much more. Thanks to the
thousands of options available here, you can give life to your DIY ideas.

Chasing Paper

The brand often targets renters and frequent moves who want to let their personalities shine.
You can go for walls beyond the monotonous shades. Their prints are pretty impressive. You
can easily filter based on color or style. You can find different types of designs, from industrial
style prints geometric patterns to collections from designers like Darcy Miller. If you are into DIY,
again, you get some options to choose from if you are opting for redecorating your room or

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Walls Need Love

This is yet another option where you can buy temporary wallpaper online. Depending on your
requirements, you will find peel and stick striped wallpaper or other designs. Their wallpapers
are resilient like those you get from the ones mentioned before. They have included different
designs like Bohemian, Art Deco, coastal, and others to engage with different customers. You
can customize your options depending on what you need and how much is required.

Graham & Brown

They are known for art and premium paint. This is why they started a wallpaper segment as
well. Theirs is a bit of a different process. Instead of applying the paper to the wall, you apply the
paste to the wall. After that, you hang the wallpaper. You can find different colors and patterns
here. You will find some realistic prints that give a textured look.

Way fair

You will find hundreds of options here. Not only that, you will find other home essentials like
rugs, lighting, and other outdoor furniture. There are so many prints and patterns to see on this
site. So, if you are looking to remodel, you might find what you want here.
Have you selected your place to buy temporary wallpaper yet? If not, choose from the ones
mentioned above and redecorate your paradise quickly.

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