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Tips on Buying A Best Propane Fire Pit

A fire pit lends a beautiful appeal to any home. Simply adding even the most basic and classic piece adds a sense of appeal to our home and all the parties around it. But it is easier being said. A lot of brainstorming goes into selecting the best addition that matches well with our home and is also liked by one and all. And with everyone disliking the wood-burning traditional pits courtesy the hot sparks damaging our eyes, health and the ground beneath, propane fire pits has got all of us talking about them. But not much is known about these fire pits that run on propane gas. In this article we will be learning some tips on buying a best propane fire pit by consumer report for helping you make an informed decision. So, let’s address some of the most common queries that arise while making such a purchase.

Best Propane Fire Pit Reviews

Once we finally made up our mind to accentuate the beauty of our backyard with a propane fire pit, we jump onto the task of finding the best fit. Whether you want a cheap propane fire pit or an exclusive one, we are here to help you out. And with so many options in fire pits, the decision has become tougher than ever. Here are 5 best-rated propane fire pits which will give us clarity about the most desired addition of every backyard party.



Outland Living Series 401 Brown 44-Inch Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit

        • -Durable
        • -CSA Approved
        • -Huge storage
        • -Smoke-free
        • -Excellent design
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Endless Summer 30 Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit

    • -Concealed tank
    • -Easy start
    • -Large Capacity
    • -Resin tabletop
    • -Smokeless
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Best Choice Products 57in 50,000 BTU Rectangular Extruded Aluminum Gas Fire Pit

      • -Durable
      • -Cover
      • -Attractive looks
      • -Adjustable flame
      • -Versatile
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Outland Firebowl 893 Deluxe Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit

    • -CSA approved
    • -Compact
    • -Lightweight
    • -Smokeless
    • -Durable
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AmazonBasics 23.5 Inch Steel Lattice Fire Pit

  • -Sturdy
  • -Large size
  • -Spark Screen
  • -Long Poker
  • -Light-weight
  • -Attractive design
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  1  Outland Living Series 401 Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

Outland Living Series 401 Brown 44-Inch Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit

Outland Living is known to build top rated gas fire pits. The company stands behind its products and is known for its exceptional customer service. This rectangle fire table by Outland Living fits beautifully as a centerpiece in your backyard due to its luxurious looks. A perfect combination of style and functionality, the fire pit allows you to enjoy the warmth of fire all year round. The Arctic Ice decorative glass rock set adds to the beauty of the fire pit when you admire the reflection of dancing flames on the black tempered glass tabletop. You get a three feet hose with a regulator in the package itself.


  • Powder-coated aluminum frame makes it a strong construction. The fire pit is installed with Ultraviolet Light High-Density Polyethylene wicker making it all-weather resistant material to last for years to come.
  • It is completely safe to use winning a rating of 35,000 BTU. The company has done every effort to provide the highest safety standards in the stainless steel burner.
  • The fire pit offers a storage of standard 20-Lb propane tank. It is simple and easy to access but is smartly hidden for a neat and clean look from the outside.
  • You can enjoy 100% smoke-free fire. The chrome manual control valve helps you to adjust the flame height.
  • The product has won international design awards for the beauty and functionality it offers. It is a perfect addition to your backyard, poolside or patio.
  • Beauty comes at a cost. Glass tabletop requires proper cleaning to shine. Else, your fire pit won’t look as pretty as a new one.
  • It isn’t as hot as many of you might need according to the temperature at your place. In extreme cold weather, it is not that helpful.
  • There is some issue with the starter. Though the gas comes out and spark is seen, many a time the spark does not ignite the gas and requires external intervention for ignition.


  2  Endless Summer Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

Endless Summer 30 Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit

Endless Summer has products ranging from fire pits to patio heaters. They have several patented designs for even heat distribution across the pit. This Gas Fire Pit Table contains premium fire glass. With a height of 25.14 inches and dimensions of 30 inches x 30 inches, the fire pit fits well in each space, whether large or small. It weighs at just 67 lbs. You will also receive decorative copper fire glass with the package. On a cold night, you get a cozy environment without the hassle of resorting to fire. A PVC vinyl cover is included for weather protection of the fire bowl.


  • It is aesthetically designed to conceal the propane tank. The steel side panels open up to fit the tank inside.
  • The fire pit comes equipped with piezo ignition for an easy start. It also includes a safety valve. You can ignite it with a push-button easily.
  • It can hold a propane tank of 20 lbs. With such a huge capacity, you can receive warmth for a long time.
  • You get to enjoy the beauty of fiberglass reinforced resin tabletop. It also adds to the functionality along with beauty.
  • You get to enjoy the real fire without any smoke and fumes. There is no mess of ashes as well.
  • At 30,000 BTU, it might not satisfy many people’s needs. In extreme cold nights, you might require something stronger than this fire pit.
  • It takes an ample amount of time to assemble the Propane Gas Fire Pit Table. It is advised to not hurry for tightening the screws unless you are happy with the whole fitting of the table.
  • The cover that comes with the package is not durable. You will have to handle it very carefully else it might rip off.

  3  Best Choice Products Rectangular Extruded Aluminum Gas Fire Pit Table

Best Choice Products 57in 50,000 BTU Rectangular Extruded Aluminum Gas Fire Pit

Best Choice Products develops high-quality gas firepits. It brings us a rectangular gas fire pit table with a strong aluminum build. This 50,000 BTU burner ensures to keep you warm even during the extreme cold weather. It comes with a concealed space for a 20-pound propane tank that gives it a beautiful look from outside by keeping the propane tank out of sight. This elegant looking fire pit can be converted into a table with the lid included in the package and used as a table for your drinks. Also, the glass beads are included in the package to add to the beauty of your backyard.  It can easily become your camping gas fire pit table with the amount of heat it produces.


  • This fire pit table is made of heavy-duty extruded aluminum which makes it very durable. It is weather-resistant so you can enjoy the warmth for years to come.
  • The fire pit table comes with a thick nylon cover that protects it from damage when not in use.
  • The package includes glass beads that glow against the fire to give you an ultimate feel at your family get-together.
  • You can easily adjust the flame with a knob included in the design. This gives you the flexibility to control the heat.
  • The fire pit table comes with a lid to make it versatile. It can be doubled up as an outdoor table for drinks and food when not in use.
  • The fire pit comes with a warranty of only 60 days. If an issue arises with the product after the expiry of 60 days, you will have to spend on the repairs from your pocket.
  • The ignition doesn’t work properly at times. You might have to use a fire pit lighter to provide ignition externally.
  • The cover that comes with the fire pit is of cheap quality. It feels like a thin plastic table cover that doesn’t stay on the fire pit.


  4  Outland Firebowl 893 Deluxe Propane Gas Fire Pit

Outland Firebowl 893 Deluxe Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit

This is another excellent product by Outland Living giving much more warmth than the earlier one discussed. It gives an output of 58,000 BTU/HR and holds the power to keep you warm all year round. A 5-gallon propane tank can be used with this fire pit. You will receive 4.4 lb natural lava rock set with this package that enhances the flickering effect of fire when in use. The design includes a chrome valve knob to adjust the flame height easily. You are always in control of the heat generated around you. A 10′ hose is also available within the package itself. When the words, “portable propane fire pit camping” comes together in your mind, you are after a structure that is not fixed. This pit by Outland Living can solve your purpose.


  • The Deluxe Outdoor fire pit is safe to use and CSA approved so you can use it in most campfire bans. Spark-free propane campfire protects campgrounds and forested areas.
  • This propane fire pit has dimensions of 19 inches x 19 inches x 11 inches making it a small gas fire pit to cover less space.
  • If you love portable gas fire pits, you must consider it seriously. At around 23 pounds, it is quite lightweight to carry along with you. Take it to your overnight trips and enjoy the warmth in any part of the world.
  • You will get a completely smokeless flame maintaining full cleanliness of the environment around you.
  • The fire pit is built of high-quality steel with a protective powder coating and enamel finish. This makes it durable and rust-free for long.
  • The lid provided with the product is made of cheap material and might not last as long as the propane fire pit itself.
  • The carrying strap is somewhat useless as it comes off easily while trying to pick it up. The fault is in the design of the product, there could be a latch attached to the main unit for easy transportation.
  • The fire pit itself functions extremely well but the quality of paint used on it is cheap. After using it for a few days, the paint starts to peel off around the rim. Your fire pit won’t look new for long.

  5  AmazonBasics Steel Lattice Fire Pit


Amazon is one of the most trusted brands across the globe and when they offer you a product, it has to be simple yet fully functional and easy-to-use. They develop best rated gas fire pits. This fire pit from Amazon’s brand AmazonBasics has everything that a good fire should have. This all-black beautiful fire pit has been made by keeping in mind that its classic design fits in the traditional as well as contemporary home aesthetics. With a mesh-like design, it gives a 360-degree view of the fire flames so that you don’t have to find a favorite spot for a proper view. But looks are not all this pit has to offer.


  • The steel frame lends sturdiness to the pit. This keeps the pit from getting knocked over and thereby, preventing any probable accident.
  • This fire pit wins over when it comes to size in a similar range of firepits. The 23.5 inches diameter is big enough to keep it flaming way past a long evening get-together.
  • The fire pit has a mesh screen or as more commonly called a spark screen, a part of the purchase. The screen prevents all the embers or ashes going all over the place and hence, keep it inside the fire pit.
  • A fire poker is simply an extension of our hands while upturning the burning embers inside. And its length plays an important role since the longer it is, lesser is the chance of our hands getting burnt. The pit has quite a long fire poker to do this task well.
  • At approximately 16 pounds, this fire pit is quite light-weight, hence, lending a mobility factor. You can adjust its placing by transporting it under the patio or out in the open garden.
  • The mesh-like design of this pit adds aesthetics to any kind of surroundings. Be it rustic, Victorian, or contemporary, it fits well by merging in the style without looking out of place.


  • The steel body is also a little weakness of the pit as it holds the chance of getting rusted if kept outside in the rain or otherwise catches moisture. Hence, it would demand extra care.
  • The fire pit lacks any drainage outlet to let all the unwanted debris out of the pit. This makes the cleaning and maintenance of the pit a bit of a hassle.
  • The legs of the fire pit are hollow from inside and this makes them weaker than some other sturdy-legged pits out there. All you need to do is pay extra attention while moving the pit or during the folding-unfolding process.

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How does a Propane Fire Pit work?

A Propane fire pit runs on a propane tank. Flames are dispensed through a metal burner which is connected with the tank with a hose. The burner is placed on a pan which is surrounded with decorative medium like ceramic logs or lava rocks to add aesthetic to the pit.

They have a knob to adjust the flow of heat as per your preference. Also, an ignition switch makes the process of lighting up the pit easier. Propane fire pits are a smokeless and ash-free alternative to traditional pits.


How much heat a Propane Fire Pit gives off?

All propane fire pits come with a rating for heat which specifies the amount of heat it’ll give off. To check the heat levels of any propane fire pit, look at the BTU (British Thermal Units) it claims to give off. Higher the BTUs, the more heat it will give off to keep you warm in the chilly weather. Also, if you’re comparing a propane fire pit’s heat with a traditional wood-burning fire pit, it is always less than the wood one.


Is Propane Fire Pit safe?

A propane fire pit is completely safe. In fact, unlike wood-burning fire pits, it poses no risk of hot sparks flying in your eyes or all around. But one has to follow the basic rules while dealing with anything that has fire in it. Make sure there are no leakages in the gas pipe before you start the fire. Regular cleaning of pipes and burners are important to remove all the build-up which can be a probable cause of a fire hazard. Never add any other fuel to the propane fire pit like gasoline or paper. If you are considering Propane vs. Natural Gas for a Fire Pit, you must know that even the best natural gas fire pit won’t be as efficient as a propane fire pit.

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Can I place a Propane Fire Pit on the patio?

A propane fire pit is better placed outdoors on cement or gravel surfaces as they are inflammable. But if it has to be kept on a flammable surface like wood, a great amount of detailing is required. Keep the pit approximately 15 feet afar from any building structure. Any kind of ceiling should also have a safe distance from the flame and the freestanding propane fire pit won’t cause any issue. The positioning of the pit should be such that there should be a proper flow of the air. Lastly, having your deck coated with fire-safe shield, especially at the surface beneath and around the fire pit will add longevity to the deck.


Can I cook, grill, or roast over Propane Fire Pit?

Yes. Why not? Propane is a famed cooking gas and we all cook and grill over it in our kitchens daily. You can cook food, grill vegetables, barbecue chicken or roast marshmallows over your propane fire pit anytime without a doubt. After all, cooking is one of the important things on our to-do list when we decide to have a fire pit in our backyard. 

For how many hours does a 20lb propane tank lasts on a fire pit?

A 20lb propane tank is ideally filled with approximately four and a half gallons of liquid propane. To run a fire pit non-stop at its maximum heat output, a 20lb propane tank would last for roughly 4 to 4 ½  hours. And at a moderate heat setting, it will last for around 8-9 hours.


Buying a fire pit isn’t a difficult purchase when it comes to the number of alternatives available in the market. But choosing the best one that suits your needs will need your time and effort. These gas fire pit reviews will help you analyze the alternatives available. A thorough research by considering each feature would ensure that you don’t fall to a wrong purchase.

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