How to remove the Moen Touchless Kitchen Faucet Handle?

How to remove the Moen Touchless Kitchen Faucet Handle?

The Moen Touchless Kitchen Faucet is the latest innovation in the field of kitchen sink faucets. Due to their appealing design and effortless service, many households are being inclined to mount them because of their environmentally-friendly features. Since you will not have to do any personal touch, you will guarantee optimum grooming.

Such faucets will last a lifetime if properly handled. However, you may need to remove the faucet handle to deal with leaks or simply clean up the inside of the faucet; or change some old parts with new ones to make it more durable.

Every household faucet can have problems, no matter how good they are. But, do not be too disheartened if your faucet has leaks or other issues. You will quickly take control of these issues by removing the faucet and defining the issues. If you do, by any chance, encounter a problem in your Moen Touchless faucet’s handle then there is no need to panic or calling a plumber as we will guide you in doing the procedure yourself. Before learning how to replace the handle of your Moen Touchless faucet, you must first learn the mechanism by which it works.

How to the Touchless Faucet Works?

The touchless faucet often utilizes a button, although in this situation the sensor senses acceleration rather than the electrical pulse of the device. The sensor does this with either infrared light or an ultrasonic sensor, usually placed at the front or side of the faucet body, although some styles hide the sensor at the back of the jack.

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The infrared light switches on when the infrared light bounces off your hand (or object) and back into the detector, while the ultrasonic field sensor switches on when it is triggered by a hand movement that disrupts the sensor. In both models, the water ceases running when the sensor returns to its default location.

How to disable the Moen Touchless Kitchen Faucet?

The method of replacing the handle can be helpful if you intend to remove the cartridge, clean the stains, repair the leaks or remove the handles.

Removing the handle of the faucet will be very quick once you have the feel of it. Here we have addressed the method of extracting the handle in-depth.

Finding the screws

New faucet versions are clearly screwless, which indicates they do not have any noticeable screws on the exterior. This design is mostly intended for decorative purposes. In fact, faucets do not come without screws. What you have to do is see where they are hiding.

The screws may remain hidden under a button or a handle cap. Look through the faucet to locate the edged corners of a button or cap. Then take the flat-headed screwdriver and lift the cap or button with care underneath it. It is going to reveal the screw beneath.

Simply loosen the screws with the screwdriver or wrench that suits. You may loosen the handle by using the hands or a couple of pins.

Removal of the cartridge

To extract a faucet cartridge for washing or replacing it, first determine if you need to shut off your water source. Then grip the faucet handles with one side and push the screw with the other. Check the depth of the screw to locate the mounting wrench.

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Carefully set aside all the screws, because they would be used to mount the faucet later. You should take the handle off of your hands or use the pliers. Yet be cautious if you use pins to cover it. Using old fabric or loose foundation under the pliers to prevent scratching. The cartridge can now be easily replaced or cleaned.

Double-Handle Moen Faucets Removal Process

Turn the water supply off to the sink. First, faucet the collar of the handle to secure it in place and rotate the base in an anti-clockwise direction. The handle can slip off quickly and reveal the key with a screw inside it. The screw holding the centerpiece can be removed using a special screwdriver.

The cartridge is underneath the centerpiece. You can pull the cartridge out with a needle-nosed pin. If you want to replace the cartridge, you might need to find custom-made parts that fit your faucetp model. For order to achieve so, you ought to notify the suppliers of your faucet and get the right model.

You may not need to replace the cartridge if you want to fix leaks in the faucet. Simply cleaning the mineral deposits around it or replacing the O-rings on it could solve the problem.

The Moen Faucet Style Handle Removal Process

If you looked extensively and failed to locate either cap or button on your faucet tail, do not consider yourself to be unfortunate! Your faucet might just have a different design. In low arc or lever-style faucets, the screws are usually kept hidden behind the “hot or cold water” button.

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Only give yourself a slap on the back after you click the release. Yet the work has not yet been completed. Take a flat head screwdriver and start adding pressure to the side of the bell. The click is going to come off or fall off. Nonetheless, be careful because the buttons may be delicate and crack if the friction becomes too great.

For certain holes, there may be a key instead of a screw locking it in place. You would require a required key to delete the door. The faucet handle may be taken out after the key has been inserted. If your faucet does not have a cartridge, you do not need to take anything away, and your job is done.

When the faucet has a cartridge in it, you have got a bit more job left. You will see a golden-colored piece after removing the handle. You are going to need to unscrew the golden-colored piece to remove it. When required, using your hands or a wrench. The piece is going to come loose and expose the cartridge.

And substitute the old cartridge with a new cartridge of the same sort. It is best not to try to remove all the complicated sections of the cartridge by yourself, because this may turn out to be a difficult operation. So, buy the entire cartridge package if you need to replace it.


Moen is one of the topmost providers of touchless kitchen faucets and rightfully so, they care about their customers and their touchless faucets are very durable and economical. This is why Moen is a common name amongst the buyers of Touchless faucets either for kitchen or bathrooms. Sometimes you can encounter a problem with the handle of your touchless faucet; there is no need to call a plumber for such small issues. Hopefully, this guide will help you replace the handle off your Moen touchless kitchen faucet.

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