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Making a Powerful Vacuum Cleaner

The use of a vacuum cleaner is common in daily household chores. Vacuum cleaners are famed worldwide to make cleaning easier. And when there is a wide range of this product at your disposal, all you need to do is pick the right one and maintain it well. A powerful vacuum cleaner will be your best-friend in clean-living. Whenever you invest in a vacuum cleaner, make sure it is powerful enough to meet all your home requirements. A vacuum cleaner must contain features of picking up dust particles; ranging from small to large ones; from pet danders to hairs.
But a powerful vacuum cleaner requires power-packed maintenance. With some extra care, you can double the power of your vacuum cleaner and extend its lifespan. But the question is ‘How to make a vacuum cleaner powerful?’. So, apart from the buyer’s manual instructions, we are here sharing some additional instructions for great cleaning experience.

Alternatively, you can also make your vacuum cleaner at home with a few simple steps. This can be quite powerful along with being the most affordable one you can ever have.

How to make a powerful vacuum cleaner?

When you can’t manage time to go out to purchase a vacuum cleaner, or you are tired of the expensive vacuums, we’ve got a solution for you. You can make your vacuum cleaner at home, by spending a much lesser amount. With this DIY powerful vacuum cleaner, you will experience the most inexpensive powerful operations.

Let’s learn how to make a powerful vacuum cleaner at home:

What will you need?

  1. Empty Container / rectangular box with cap;
  2. 12v DC fan;
  3. Electric cutter;
  4. Driller;
  5. Power jack socket;
  6. Glue;
  7. Steel wire;
  8. Hot glue gun;
  9. Piece of net;
  10. Scissors;
  11. Empty pen refill;
  12. 45 mm 2 wheels;
  13. Wash basin pipe;
  14. 12v DC power adapter.

Steps to make a Powerful Vacuum Cleaner:

  1. Take a rectangle box and uncap it.
  2. Take the 12v DC fan and draw a measurement of it on the cap of the box.
  3. Cut the circle with the help of an electric cutter to create the space for the fan.
  4. Drill the holes for screwing the fan.
  5. Fit the fan to the circle and screw it tightly.
  6. Take a power jack socket and attach it to the fan. Fix it with the help of feviquick/glue.
  7. Fix it on the cap of the box.
  8. Now keep this aside. And move to the box.
  9. Now take a steel wire equal to the measurement of the width of the box.
  10. Make a rectangle shape of the wire to place it inside the box.
  11. Cover the ends with hot glue.
  12. Take a piece of net and attach it to the steel wire with the help of glue.
  13. Cut-out the surplus net.
  14. Place it inside the box and fix it with the hot glue.
  15. Now take two empty pet refills to attach wheels to your vacuum.
  16. Make two holes at the edges to attach the wheels.
  17. Attach wheels to the refills and then refills to the box.
  18. Fix them with the help of a hot glue gun.
  19. Take the wash basin pipe, mark it on the box to make a circular-cut to attach it.
  20. Make sure to attach the pipe on the other side, where you have placed the wheels.
  21. Fix it on the circle with hot glue.
  22. Cover the box with its cap.
  23. The vacuum is ready for testing.
  24. Take a 12v DC power adapter and plug it into the socket that we fixed on the box.
  25. Turn the power on.
  26. Your vacuum is ready to clean your home.
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This DIY vacuum cleaner is not only cost-efficient but also hassle-free as all its replacement parts are readily available. To add to it, it is as powerful as a market-made vacuum cleaner. Try it and let us know your experience.

How to make your vacuum more powerful?

Vacuum cleaners must be powerful enough to collect every particle of dust and dirt. And why shouldn’t they be? It happens to be the rationale behind its invention. But, what if you can make it work as a jack of all trades. Here we are going to share some pro tips to double-up the power and performance of your vacuum.

You can make your regular vacuum deliver a more powerful performance simply by following these easy tips:

Multiple Operations

If you happen to use a vacuum regularly, you may already know that it is hard to pick all the debris at once, ‘cause once is just not enough. So for delivering perfect performance, make your vacuum work multiple times in the same area. Also, go over an area from multiple directions to have a dust-free surface.

And if you’re a pet owner, nobody knows the struggle to pick pet danders better than you. By following this little trick, you’ll see a huge change in your daily cleaning output.

Manage a schedule vacuuming

Vacuuming your home daily is not an ideal way of using a vacuum. However, if you have pets in your home, using it very often makes sense. According to your home’s cleaning demands, pick certain days of the week, or months and follow that routine for cleaning. In most of the homes, vacuuming twice a week is sufficient.

Scheduling your cleaning system will prevent the rough-and-tough use of the vacuum. You won’t use it anytime any day now. Vacuums deliver powerful performance when you use them with care.

Filter, filter, and filter

A filter is that part of the vacuum that helps to trap the debris inside. A clean filter would mean double powerful operations.

Today, most vacuum cleaners have HEPA filters. They are sponge-like or made of paper that makes them trap the dust effectively. On the contrary, other filters come with washable plastic filters that lack the absorbent feature. When the filter gets grumpy and dirty, it requires your attention as they are capable of reducing the suction power.

The sponge-like and washable filters can be washed easily. You can wash it with a dishwasher or baking soda whenever you feel.

• Remove the filter.
• Take some warm water and rinse it thoroughly.
• Add a few drops of a dishwasher or a pinch of baking soda.
• Give it a gentle cleaning with your hand.
• Rinse thoroughly again with the warm water.
• Let it air-dry completely before putting them back.

Nowadays, we see a lot of paper-like filter alternatives. These filters are less durable and need replacement very often. If you prefer a paper filter, all you have to do is to keep an extra watch on them. If you feel that your vacuum isn’t going smooth, check the filter and change it immediately, if required.

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Checking brushes and Replacing the drive belt

Vacuum cleaners have brushes that rotate in a set motion to produce a cleaning effect. These brushes are called beater brushes. The finest these brushes are kept, the powerful the vacuum cleaner stays. And the best way to ensure their optimum functioning is by turning over your vacuum and checking if the brushes are clear or they have got some hair or dander over them. If you see the brushes unclean, it’s time to clean them.

Another, noticeable part that plays a great role in making a vacuum powerful is its drive belt. Turn over your vacuum to look for the drive belt. These are the belts that wrap around the beater brushes and help them rotate.

When you want to increase the power of your vacuum, check its drive belt. It must be tightly stretched with no holes. If you find it loose, cracked or torn, it’s a sign that you must replace it immediately. Replacing the drive belt will increase the power performance of your vacuum.

Remove obstructions

To enhance the power of your vacuum cleaner, the final step is to have a complete overview of it. Check if there is any obstruction in any part of the vacuum; filter, brushes, hose, etc. Review the user manual and see if there is any other part that may get particles stuck on it. Unclog the hoses, remove the blockage, and use the vacuum with care.

Once you’re done with the cleaning operations, make sure to keep the vacuum cleaner in a safe and tidy place. That’s all you need to double-up the power of your vacuum.

How to keep your vacuum cleaner powerful for long?

When your vacuum cleaner helps you experience clean-living, it becomes your duty to keep it clean and well-maintained. If you can carefully maintain its powerful features, it will surely work for longer than expected. Caring can make machines with emotions aka people last longer in your life, and here, we are just talking about a pure machine.

Let us explore different ways to retain the vacuum’s features for long:

Make sure it is clean

If you won’t protect your vacuum from trapped dust particles, it’s performance is likely to fall rather sooner. Hence, it’s important to keep it clean and make it look brand-new after every use. Ensuring the following can prove helpful in keeping your vacuum powerful for years to come:

Clean the canister- Even if you empty the canister daily, it will still be in contact with pollutants and grime that build up within it over time. Use your dishwasher to remove this grime. It’s an easy and convenient solution for safe and thorough cleaning. Give it a quick gentle wash after having soaked it for some time in soap water.
Wash or change the filter- With each cleaning session, the filter absorbs more dirt. If your vacuum has a washable filter, that’s great! You can wash it with the canister from the dishwasher. Rinse it thoroughly and watch it lose all the dirt and dust easily.

But if the filter happens to be non-washable, and you feel it is full of dirt now, it’s time to replace it with a new one. Change the filter every 2-3 months or whenever you find it dusty depending on the type of operations. Heavy chores may require early replacement of the filters.

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Check the brushes- Brushes play an important role in a vacuum. When you use a vacuum at home, brushes in the vacuum are likely to entrap the hair debris. When you check the brushes, you’ll find hairs wrapped around it. To solve this problem, lean the vacuum and check if there is any thread or hair wrapped around it. Cut them with a seam ripper.

Clean the hose- Hose acts as a carrier for the transportation of dust and dirt. Eventually, it has a high chance of getting blockages soon. All the dusty debris and dirt particles run through the hoses, some come out immediately, and some get hinged inside the hoses.

To clean the hose, unplug it from the vacuum cleaner (follow the instructions from the user manual). Now, take it to a bathtub, and give it a flow of some hot water to soften the layer of debris. Add half cup of baking soda to the end of the hose, and let it go inside. Shake it well and pour two cups of vinegar into it. Relax and let it work for 10-15 minutes. Finally, wash it properly with hot water and let it air-dry for 24-hours. After it is completely dry, plug it back to the vacuum. Now your hose is ready to work as powerful as new.

Bonus check- Though each model comes with different features, check in the user manual of your vacuum if there is any other removable part that might be acting as a hindrance for your vacuum’s powerful functioning. If you find any, wash that too. Make sure to dry each such part before refixing it to the vacuum cleaner.

Baggage care

After cleaning the vacuum, it’s time to focus on the other important factors to make it work longer with its full power. And you must not compromise with the quality of the bag if you want to maintain the vacuum for a longer period. Always use a branded bag and never hesitate to choose a brand over the inexpensive local-made stuff. Cheap bags often get rugged and contact holes pretty quickly, whereas the branded bags will demand less maintenance.

Another tip to add to the baggage care is; replace the bag regularly. Many people assume that they only need to change the bag when it’s full of garbage. That’s a myth. You must always change the bag when it is ⅔ full. The fuller the bag, the poorer the performance of the cleaner gets.

In the case of bagless models, always check it if it requires quick dumping. Generally, bagless models have markers that intimate you that it’s time to empty the receptacle.


Making a powerful vacuum at home is very easy and satisfying. There are many other processes, too, to make a vacuum at home but this wheel-vacuum cleaner works with great power. It is adept at picking all types of dust particles at your home.

To keep your vacuum’s efficiency alive, make sure to give it proper care. Check it from time to time; replace the attachment if required; and most importantly, replace the dirt-bag regularly.

To keep your vacuum cleaner work effectively for a longer time and deliver power-performance, you simply have to follow the tips we enlisted above. This will also help your vacuum look brand new every day.

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