All About 12-volt Fridges

The avid campers know all the buzz around the words ‘12-volt’. For them, nailing the concept of a 12-volt power supply is the first step to get their perfect portable fridge. But there is always a question looming heavy on the need of having a 12-volt fridges in the first place. And why shouldn’t there […]

Energy Efficiency of Space Heaters

Can Space Heaters Save Money on Your Electric Bill? The average US household consumes considerable energy. For example, according to the 2008 energy department statistics, the average household consumes 920 kWh of electricity every month. Such expenses will potentially be raised. One way to save your money is by shopping for a space heater. This […]

Safety Concerns with Space Heaters

Can Space Heaters Catch Fire? Keeping warm enough in winter can prove difficult, particularly if cold temperatures continue to exist, as they have in most of the country in recent times. The National Fire Protection Association ( NFPA) warns the general public that portable space heaters can help produce heat and are vulnerable to fire […]

Are space heaters safe?

A modern space heater, even when working, can be very secure to operate over long periods of time. People often ask the question, ‘Are space heaters safe?’ Always ensure that your heater has one of the 3 big testing companies accredited with features including automated shutdown, security edge, shutdown timer, and customizable thermostat. You will […]

Are infrared heaters the right choice?

New homes are becoming increasingly popular with the rising technologies. With zone heating, they save you energy costs when you only heat the spaces you occupy. Many people consider infrared heaters the right choice for their homes. So what distinguishes a large portable heater? What is right for your home, how do you know? There […]

Safety Risks of Using Infrared Heaters

Infrared heaters have been the talk of the town since they are efficient, consume less power, and provide great beneficial heating without any consequence. Still, some have complained that using infrared heaters might not be safe, today we will address the safety risks of using infrared heaters in this article, so read on!   Is […]

Which heater is the best? 

There is no doubt among the many kinds of heaters available on the market, infrared heaters top the list of best heaters on the market, why is the infrared heater the best? Because their pros outweigh the cons. Following are some of the pros of infrared heaters:   No pipes are required For the installation […]

Do infrared heaters save money?

You undoubtedly learned about infrared technologies when you were younger to transfer files between two old phones. Some may also have assumed that this system had been outdated, but nobody might be shocked if people adapt it to help provide effective and reliable energy. This blog should clarify all your concerns regarding the effectiveness of […]

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