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Bamboo pillows are gaining popularity due to the immense comfort they bring. They are comfortable and offers excellent sleeping positions. They are nothing less than a boon for those looking for good night’s sleep. But those using bamboo pillows must be conscious about different pertinent questions like how to wash bamboo pillows.

In this article, we will be discussing bamboo pillows in detail. We will answer different questions relating to bamboo pillows, and in the end, we will recommend some of the best options in the market. Let’s dig in detail and know more about bamboo pillows.



Best Bamboo Pillows

Choosing bamboo pillow becomes easy if you know what you are looking for. What type of firmness you need under your head and in what position you love to sleep. After considering all these questions choose the pillow that suits your needs.

If you are looking for some best recommendations for selecting bamboo pillows, then we can help. We have chosen some of the best options in the market for your convenience. Most of them are bamboo pillows with covers and fillings, but we have also included two options of simple bamboo pillow covers so you can upgrade your favorite pillow to a bamboo pillow. Let’s look at some miracle bamboo reviews.


        • -½ lb of extra filling
        • -Stretchable lining
        • -Adjustable pillow
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      • -Adjustable filling
      • -Soft and comfortable
      • -Easily washable cover
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        • -Budget-friendly
        • -Different colors
        • -Different sizes
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      • -Breathable fabric
      • -Easy to wash
      • -Easy to remove
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    • – Soft and comfortable
    • -Stays in shape
    • -Hypoallergenic cover
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  1  Coop Home Goods – Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow

Talking of best bamboo pillows, we cannot ignore our first option. This Coop Home Goods offers a premium quality pillow that will surely exceed your expectations.

The outer cover of the pillow is made of 60% polyester and rest goes in bamboo driven fiber Rayon.

It’s a medium-firm pillow that is neither too soft to bend with your weight, nor too firm to feel like a rock and uncomfortable. The right balance of strength gives a luxurious comfort that helps you stay awake for longer hours.

The breathable fabric makes this pillow stay cool at any temperature. The breathable material won’t make the pillow sweaty at all, nor it allows any odor to develop in the foam inside.

The inside of the pillow is filled with quality memory foam. The memory foam has been rigorously tested and certified to ensure the safety of your loved ones.

The pillow comes with a fully adjustable design. You can easily access the filling of memory foam inside, and you can remove it, or refill it, or add some extra foam to make it more firm as per your choice. The pillow comes with a bonus filled bag of memory foam that you can add into the pillow to make it more firm.

The outer Rayon case makes a barrier against dust mite or allergens that makes this pillow hypoallergenic.


  • High-quality memory foam filling.
  • Comes with ½ lb of extra filling.
  • Stretchable lining.
  • Adjustable pillow.
  • Original bamboo pillow
  • Washable and free of allergens.
  • The cover is made of only 40% Rayon.

  2  Hotel Comfort Premium Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow

This one is a miraculous bamboo pillow. Hotel Comfort has consulted some of the best experts in the US to design this premium pillow for your comfort. This one is the fully adjustable pillow that ensures good and comfortable sleep all night alleviating any pain in the back, neck and saves you from tossing and turning.

The beautifully designed outer cover is made from the bamboo duvet. The use of bamboo material makes it extra hypoallergenic and dust mites resistant.

The cover is easily washable, and you can personalize the adjustments to suit your needs and preferences. Just fluff your pillow into perfect comfort shape. Whether you are a side sleeper or want to lay on your stomach, you can adjust the pillow to stay comfortable in any position.

The pillow has inside filling with shredded memory foam that makes it extremely soft. Being soft does not mean it loses shape easily or bends; in fact, it retains its position and provides the right firmness under your head. Overall, it’s a perfect combination of comfort and ease.

  • Adjustable filling.
  • The cover is derived from the bamboo duvet.
  • Soft and comfortable.
  • Easily washable cover.
  • The pillow is a bit on the firmer side.

  3  Zen Bamboo Ultra Soft Pillow Case

Those who already have a pillow at home with their favorite filling should consider buying a pillowcase. You can turn your favorite pillow into a bamboo pillow by simply adding a protective and quality cover to it.

The pillow cover is made of 40% Rayon and 60% of brushed microfibers that make it durable. The pillow cover is made to stay with you for long. It won’t lose shine or grace even after frequent wash.

The luxurious pillow cover remains wrinkle-free. You don’t have to iron it from time to time.

The silky-smooth fabric gives a soft feel to your body. It stays cool on touch and does not retain the body heat.

The pillowcases are easy to wash. Remove the case and dump it in a very convenient washing machine.

The pillow covers are available in so many different soft to vibrant colors. You can choose the color that suits your bedroom color scheme or matches your bed covers. The pillow covers come in both queen and king size. Make sure you choose the right size for your pillow. Overall, it is a budget-friendly way to choose the best bamboo pillows for maximum comfort.


  • Budget-friendly option.
  • Best quality pillow covers.
  • Available in different colors.
  • Breathable and washable material.
  • Available in different sizes.
  • Suits only those who have the fillings and need only covers.

  4  Snuggle-Pedic Zipper Removable Pillow Cover

Here is another great option for those looking for only bamboo covers. The pillow covers come in a very soft and luxurious fabric. The outer material is made of quality bamboo Viscos Rayon blended with other material like polyester.

The blend of viscose rayon gives the fabric a cooling effect. The pillow remains soft on touch and stays comfortable all night.

The pillow cover features a zipper that allows you to put on or remove the pillow cover easily. The micro vented bamboo fabric gives a luxurious feel.

The breathable fabric allows air circulation inside. The memory foam or any other material inside the pillow cover has plenty of air and does not develop any odor or allergens.

The machine-washable fabric makes this cover all the more convenient. The fabric retains its shine and color even after long use. Overall, it’s a good option for your bedroom setting.

  • Cover made from bamboo material.
  • Breathable fabric.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Stays soft and cool.
  • Easy to remove.
  • Does not come in different colors.

  5  Pillows for Sleeping – Bed Pillows with Bamboo Covers

If you are having a hard time sleeping and selecting the right kind of pillow, then this one is for you. It’s a pair of perfect bamboo pillow that is soft enough to conform to the shape of your head and support neck as well. The perfect shape keeps your back aligned and help you sleep in the right posture.

The pillow cover is made with 40% Rayon material and 60% polyesters. The high-quality material makes these pillows soft, stain-resistant, and hypoallergenic.

The washable bamboo viscose cover resists allergens and is excellent for allergy patients or those who have some respiratory issues.

The pillowcases are moisture-wicking. That means it remains fresh and dry while you sleep and does not cause any sweating. The breathability of fabric makes it more refreshing and comfortable at night.

The bamboo pillow has shredded memory foam filling that is very comfortable. Unlike pillows with other fillings like latex, polyester, or synthetic filling, these pillows don’t go flat with time and retain their shape for long. With all these advantages, the bamboo pillows come at a very reasonable price.

  • Filled with shredded memory foam.
  • Soft and comfortable.
  • Keeps your back aligned while sleeping.
  • The hypoallergenic cover protects against allergens.
  • Stays in shape for long.
  • Budget-friendly option.
  • Feels too soft at times.

What is a Bamboo Pillow?

A bamboo pillow is not filled with bamboo stuff. The pillows get their name after the bamboo tree because of the fiber used in the pillowcase. It contains a bamboo base viscose outer sheet that is filled with different materials to make it soft and comfortable for your use. So the essence of the bamboo pillow is its cover.

Inside a bamboo viscose fiber made outer shell, the bamboo pillows are filled with either memory foam or with other plush pieces of different materials.

A right pillow under your head not only makes you comfortable, but it keeps your posture right and is useful in several other ways.

So basically bamboo pillows are not filled with bamboo stuff but as they are manufactured more carefully to remain comfortable in different sleeping positions. Plus the cover made of bamboo fiber also offers different benefits that make these pillows ultimate choice for those who have trouble sleeping. The only concern few customers have is that can a bamboo pillow is washable? The answer is yes, it is.

Fillings of Bamboo Pillows

Bamboo pillows come in different types. The outer shell remains the same, but they differ in their fillings and therefore may differ in the type of comfort they bring. You also have to be aware of a bamboo pillow care that depends on its filling. Here are different styles and types of bamboo pillows fillings.

Firm Memory Foam Pillow:  Made with firm memory foam, the pillow has a firm feel and suits those who like to have something firm under their head.

Shredded Memory foam Pillow: These are soft pillows and bend with your head and remain very comfortable under the head.

Latex: These pillows have latex filling that is rubber material. It won’t bend with time and stays in great shape.

Gel-infused Memory foam: These are soft and comfortable as shredded memory foam pillows. But they also have to get infused with memory foam that gives them a cooling effect.

Types of Bamboo Pillow

 There are two types of Bamboo Pillows available.

  • All-natural Bamboo Pillow

These are an all-natural bamboo pillow that is made with organic material. All fluffy material stays fresh on hot weather and gives a cooling effect.

Its inner material also remains soft and does not bend with time.

  • Semi-synthetic Bamboo Pillow

In this type, the pulp of bamboo is being processed rigorously. It goes through a long process which includes the use of several chemicals and bleaches for best results. These pillows are thus called semi-synthetic. To produce viscose Ryan yarn, bamboo pulp is steamed, mashed, and dipped in certain chemicals.

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Advantages of Bamboo Pillow

Here are a few advantages of having a bamboo pillow.

Ultra-comfortable: These bamboo pillows gain popularity because of their comfort and the luxury they provide. They are made to suit different sleeping positions and thus offer great comfort while sleeping.

Organic: Bamboo strives without any pesticide or chemicals and thus is naturally organic.



Bamboo is known for being antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antistatic. It has a unique anti-bacterial agent named bamboo Kun that bonds with the bamboo cellulose molecules during the natural process of the growth of bamboo fiber. It creates a shield against all allergens. It doesn’t matter what material you use for the filling, and the bamboo cover creates a barrier against all allergens. The test reveals that bamboo fabric retains these properties even after frequent washes.

Stays Cool

Bamboo fabric is highly breathable material. It stays cool even in extremely hot conditions and gives a cooling feel to your skin. The breathable material keeps the filling inside well ventilated. It also absorbs all moisture staying cool in summer and warm in cold weather.

Environmental Friendly

The bamboo plant gives yield ten times that of cotton without any fertilizers. It can be harvested many times without much effort and grows fast. Bamboo grows without much effort and is often grown on hill slopes where nothing else is grown. Therefore, it is an environmentally friendly option.


Care and Instructions for Bamboo Pillows

Bamboo pillows are pretty simple to use and offer great comfort to all types of sleepers. They are an essential item if you are looking for comfortable and tension-free night sleep.

The best bamboo pillows allow you to fluff them into any shape to suit your mood or needs. Here are a few instructions or tips for using Bamboo Pillows.

 Air It Properly

When you open the package of your bamboo pillows don’t just use them as It is. It is recommended to air the pillows before using it. As the filling inside has memory foam so it should be properly aired the first time. Leave it out in air or sunlight for a few hours. It will remove the smell of chemicals or any old odor from the pillow. The breathable material will allow air to pass through the filling inside properly.

Wash It Frequently

Washing the bamboo pillows is the only way you can keep it dirt and dust-free. Even in the cleanest environment, the dust and other microorganism do settle on the surface of your pillow. It is recommended to wash it frequently from time to time.

The bamboo pillow has two parts. A cover made of bamboo fabric and the filling inside. Both can be washed. But you should wash the outer cover more frequently. The inside filling can be washed, but you should avoid washing it too often, or it will ruin the texture of foam inside.

Air Dry the Pillow

After washing the pillow, make sure to dry it completely before use. You can put the outer cover in a drier and run it on a gentle cycle. But for the inner foam, you should let it air dry completely. The drier will destroy the foam of filling.

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How to Wash Bamboo Pillow

Washing is an essential part of the basic care of the bamboo pillow. Here we have discussed the whole process of cleaning bamboo pillow in detail for you. Let’s look at the process step by step.

Despite its many benefits, bamboo pillows are a bit difficult to maintain or wash. That’s for enhancing life and maintaining the quality of your pillow. For best results, most of the brands recommend a simple hand wash. That’s because the cyclonic power with which the machine operates may make your bamboo pillow to lose its shape or to crumble its inner filling completely. It may not come out as perfect at all. So for best results, make sure you hand wash the pillow.

Here are bamboo pillow washing instructions.

  • Remove the cover and separate the filling inside from the cover. You will be washing cover and the inside pillow separately.
  • For the bamboo fabric cover, make sure you use lukewarm water; neither too hot or cold.
  • You can wash the cover in the machine too. Simply dump it in the washer and go for a gentle cycle.

How to Clean Memory Foam Pillow

  • For the memory foam inside, hand wash it for best results.
  • Use a mild detergent and soak the memory foam in water and detergent completely.
  • Avoid the use of any bleach or any other strong agent.
  • Make sure the soapy water has completely taken out any dirt or dust out of foam.
  • Rinse the memory foam thoroughly with fresh water.
  • Make sure there is no detergent left inside the foam.
  • It may take some time to take all soapy water out of foam completely.
  • Simply press the pillow with hands to take out as much water out of foam as you could. Make sure you stay gentle with the pillow.
  • Leave it out to dry. Tumble drying the memory foam is a bad idea. So you should leave the pillow out in light and air to completely dry. Hang it out on cloth line and let it dry from inside. It may take some days, but it is completely worth it.
  • Keep flipping sides of the pillow, so it gets even air and sunlight and gets dry from all sides equally.
  • Once completely dried, your bamboo pillow is ready for use again.


When to Replace Bamboo Pillow

After using a long time, there comes a time to stop using the pillow and look for a new one. Make sure you know when to replace your bamboo pillow.

When it loses shape, or even all that washing failed to bring the pillow back to life then its time to remove it.

Maybe you don’t need to replace the filling. So if your filling is still in shape and fluffy enough, you can buy a separate bamboo cover only. It will save money.


How to choose the Bamboo Pillow

Here are a few things you should consider while buying a bamboo pillow.

Complete pillow or cover: You may not need to buy a complete package. If you are replacing an older pillow then maybe you simply need to buy bamboo pillow covers. There is plenty of option in the market, and you can buy only separate sheets too. They are available in many different colors. So instead of buying a completely new pillow, you can upgrade your existing pillow to a bamboo pillow as well.

Filling inside: If you are buying a complete package, then look at what type of filling it has. Different types of fillings available. You can choose memory foam or shredded memory foam. There are some others like synthetic gel or latex made of pillows. So it completely depends on your individual preference.

Allow Adjustments: Make sure you choose the pillow that allows adjustments. You can fluff the memory foam inside to give it your required shape. Shredded memory foam allows more adjustability than the pillows with only memory foam filling.

Size: These are available in different sizes like king or queen. The price of the pillow depends on its size.

Additional bag of filling:  it is better if it comes with an additional bag of filling so you can add filling if you want to give it more lift.

Final Thoughts

Bamboo pillows are lifesavers. Especially for those who have trouble sleeping, these pillows keep you cool all night and save you from dust mites and other allergens. However, you have to be careful while choosing bamboo pillows. Not all pillows are the same. Their filling, size, shape, and firmness determine their quality as well. So you need to choose a pillow that allows you maximum adjustments and provide the best value.

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