How to use Electric Knife Sharpener

How to use Electric Knife Sharpener

You may have learned that dull knives are often more dangerous than sharp knives. While it may sound strange, it is actually true. You can use stones or an Electric Knife Sharpener to sharpen your knife.

That is because when you use a dull knife, there is a greater risk that the knife will fall when you cut it.

Dull knives allow the user to hold down with his entire arm, whereas a sharp blade needs just a fingertip and a bit of finesse.

All cutlery will be dull with frequent use over time. Your knife blades should have a polished edge that cuts quickly. The easiest way to sharpen your knives and preserve their strength is by using an electric knife sharpener.

Electric sharpeners are the most effective blade sharpeners, polishers, and reshapers as they have two or three grinding wheels with varying degrees of roughness or grinding. Once you start sharpening your blades, begin with the thickest stone and move on to the finest.

If you are interested in using an electric sharpener, you should know the various phases as most electric knife sharpeners have separate sharpening stages for a sharp-edged tip. Below are the electric knife sharpeners of various levels and directions on how to use the electric knife sharpener?

Use the following steps as a guide to the use of an electric knife sharpener:

1.Getting to learn the machine

Take a close look at the computer and consider the manual for the customer.

Find a page containing the description of the diagram (where the sections and buttons are shown). Be mindful of various color lights that could indicate that something is not right, and so on.

The on/off button will always be on the side facing the user.

Identify the different sharpening degrees on the sharpening wheel. It is expected to be rough slots, fine and occasionally extra fine. Or it is labeled stages 1, 2, and 3. Every level will have two sharpening slots on it.

That is because the sharpener only sharpens one side of the knife at a time, so you have to push the knife through the same number of times first on the left and then on the right of each point.

Many sharpeners have cross wheels for the Stage 3 or the Extra Fine stage, which sharpen both sides at once. This all depends on the configuration of the electric knife sharpener.

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Electric Knife Sharpener

  1. Understand how Sharping Slots work

You might have a very powerful electric knife sharpener. But this move is important for you to learn how to use an electric knife sharpener.

Step 1

The actual work of sharpening starts at this point. With this stage, knives that are very blunt or need to be a little edgier can be sharpened. Do not overdo the blade movement, because by doing so, you are going to damage the edge a bit. The first stage you want to begin with is when the knife is used regularly over 2-3 weeks and is very blunt.

Step 2

You need to polish the blade now. Sharpen the blade gently and smooth it out. It is going to give the knife a sharper edge and turn it up a little. If you have been using the knife for more than a week without sharpening it, this is where you can continue. 

Step 3

This stage includes polishing the knife blade so that the microburst on the blade can be cleaned to make the blade “razor sharp.” You need to go through this stage every 3 to 4 days to keep your knives with sharp edges even when used regularly.

Stage 3 could be perfect for fast use. If you ever find the knife a little dull, try stage 2 before you go through stage 1.

  1. Switch the Sharpener on

Identify the ‘On’ button (possibly located on the side of the computer facing you).

Have your knife/knives ready for the job. Always check the manufacturer’s recommendation for sharpening instructions as different types have different requirements. It is generally based on the grind of the blade (the form of the edge of the blade).

Be sure the wall socket is turned off, the unit is plugged in by dry hands, and the wall socket is turned on. Switch on the electric knife sharpener with the on / off button facing the customer.

There should be a low whirl or humming noise coming from the machine, and it should be gently vibrating.

  1. Pulling the Blade of the Knife into the Slot (Coarsest One)

You must have one aim before using an electric knife sharpener; this is to have your knives sharpened correctly. So, just follow these steps.

  1. Sliding the blade through it

To see if a knife with an electric sharpener is sharpened correctly, the first step is to assess the bluntness of the blade.

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After the bluntness of the blade has been calculated, lower it to the middle of the Coarse / Stage 1 grinder to the hilt of the base with the tip sticking out to the other end. There is a grinding noise when the blade is correctly positioned for use.

Then gently, without rushing or pressing it, just let it move, draw the knife back towards you, tilting it up to the form of the blade to ensure that it is sharpened to the grind of the utensils. 

This should be done twice on both sides of the Coarse / Stage 1 sharpener, depending on the bluntness of the knife. It is vital that the knife is pulled through an equal number of times on both the left and the right side of the Coarse / Stage one sharpening wheel to ensure a sharp blade. 

  1. Run a check

You will also check the sharpness of your knife after it has been sharpened. Dull knives are also more dangerous in the kitchen. So, sharpen it daily. Once the knife is sharpened, the metal is completely separated from the blade, but it is often taken out and not necessarily sharpened around the side of the blade. Once the knife is extracted from the first side being sharpened, you can literally feel it.

They are called a “burr.” When you run your fingertips softly up and down the bottom edge of the hand that is not sharpened yet, you can feel it. Just be careful not to run your finger near or too close to the cutting edge.

  1. The Knife’s Blade is passing through two times on each side.

When you have run the blade through to sharpen the left side, you may need to run it through to sharpen the right side of the Coarse / Stage one grinder.

Repeat this cycle at least twice at this grinding point.

  1. Using the Remaining Slot(s)

Because you are still in the process of getting an electric knife sharpener to use, you can try the other slots.

Step 2 grinding

After you have run the knife through the first stage / coarse grinding stage, you will need to run the knife to the second/fine grinding point. It will also be done twice on either side of the blade.

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Step 3 / Ultra-Fine / Polish / Smooth Phase

After you have run the blade through stages 1-2, run it through the extra / ultra-fine grinding wheel for even better precision cutting and shaper edge. It is often referred to as step 3.

  1. Check again

You might wonder, “Are electric knife sharpeners good? “Well, why don’t you test the results twice? Feel the burs, most if not all of them would have been smoothed out.

To check how sharp a knife is being sliced into something. A sure way to see the ability to cut is to get a piece of paper and run a knife into it. This will demonstrate the sharpness of the blade.

Cleaning the Blade of the Knife

After the knife has been sharpened, it is important to remove any residual filings because you do not want them to be moved to your kitchen.

Rinse the knife from the tip to the hilt in warm soapy water, rinse off with clean water and dry thoroughly before use. Shavings may be collected by a magnet, but it is still a good idea to rinse your knives and dry them with a towel.

Electric Mesh Sharpening Tips

  • French-style knives with large metal bolsters may not work as well as an electric knife sharpener. The bolster and about 3⁄4 inch of the blade do not fit into any electronic, or even some manual, sharpeners. This leads to an irregular grinding of the heel portion of the knife.
  • Before you start sharpening, make sure the entire knife blade fits through the sharpener. The results are going to be much better.
  • Focus on the procedure for this. An electric knife sharpener can grind more steel than required to reduce the life of your cutlery. So stay focused.
  • When your knives are smooth, they can easily be reached by running them over the finest grit stone in your sharpener. Keep in mind that various blade styles can require alternative sharpening procedures. 

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Using an electric knife sharpener to sharpen your knives at home is an effortless way to get the sharpest knives without much headache. The above-mentioned guide will help you in highlighting the benefits of sharpening your knives, electronically.

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