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How To Clean The Wood Stove Glass

Cleaning wood stove glass is probably one of the toughest jobs if you don’t know how to clean the wood stove glass. The cozy environment the fireplace creates is something we all love, but the blacked glass door ruin your interior. You need to clean the glass door regularly, or it will get the tough stains of ash, soot, and burnt wood on the glass. Not to say the beauty of your fireplace is ruined.

So if you are wondering how to clean the wood stove glass keep reading. In this article, we will discuss all wood stove glass cleaning. We will also discuss some of the best wood stove glass cleaners for your convenience.


Best Wood Stove Glass Cleaners

Let’s look at some of the best options in the market.


      • -Multi-tasking cleaner
      • -Strong on hardened grease
      • -Leaves no residues back
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Therapy Premium Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish

      • -A cleaner for tough stains
      • -Polishes the surface as well
      • -Professional grade cleaner
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Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish Trigger Spray

    • -Very strong cleaner
    • -Corrosive texture makes your job easy
    • -Takes less effort in cleaning tough stains
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Scotch-Brite Scratch-Free Glass Cooktop Pads, Chemical-Free Cleaning, 2 Cleaning Pads

    • -Fast and easy
    • -Cost-effective
    • -Good for ash and carbon
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          • -Saves money
          • -Easy to clean
          • -Leaves no scratches
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        • -A complete cleaning kit
        • -Comes with scrapper and cleaning pad
        • -The powerful cleaner works on all stains
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          • -Tough on stains
          • -Plenty of sprays in one bottle
          • -Saves time and money
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          • -2-in-1 cleaner
          • -Sticky enough to stay on the vertical surface
          • -Easy to apply
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        • -A complete cleaning kit
        • -Strong cleaning agent
        • -Safe ingredients
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        • -Comes in a large bottle
        • -Cost-effective
      • -Cleans with little effort
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  1  HG Stove Glass Cleaner 

HG Stove Glass Cleaner - A foam stove window cleaner

HG Stove offers a quality product that will help you to remove some of the toughest stains with ease.

The stove glass cleaner is a foam cleaner that can remove the stains of soot, grease, smoke, and tar. The glass cleaner can be used in hearths, stoves, fireplaces, and normal glass.

The cleaner can also be used to remove minor soot deposits from brick and mantelpieces.

All you need to do is to spray the cleaner on the glass surface. For removing the tough stains, you can leave the spray on glass for a few minutes. Once the stains or grease is softened, you can make use of a scrubber or cloth to gently scrub the area.

The cleaner is strong enough to cut any grease from the glass surface. It can remove oil, vegetables, fat, and other kinds of steam residues. The cleaner is not a glass cleaner but it is a stone protector as well. You can make use of it for cleaning kitchen slabs and other marble or stone surfaces.



Multi-tasking cleaner.

Strong on hardened grease.

Leaves no residues back.

Removes all types of stain.

Affordable Price.

Cleans flame logs



A bit strong for skin, so make sure it does not come in contact with it.


  2  Therapy Premium Stainless Steel Cleaner 

Therapy Premium Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish

Therapy Premium Stainless Steel Cleaner offers a stove cleaner and polish that not only helps you to clean the stove doors

but it also makes sure the surface remains in pristine condition.

It restores the sheen that is often lost after frequent use of cleaners and strong agents on the glass surface.

The polished surface remains unchanged even after the stove is heated. The heat makes the polished coating firm and long-lasting. The polish is also not affected by smoke and covers the rust and other patches on the surface of wood glass stove.

The cleaner is strong enough to remove the soot carbon ash from the glass surface before polishing. It’s a perfect solution for rejuvenating the black surfaces back to life.

The powerful cleaner clears all stains, fingerprints, soot, ash, stains, and grease residues easily.



A cleaner for tough stains.

Polishes the surface as well.

Professional grade cleaner.

Developed by professional chimney sweepers.

The formula covers the rust and blemishes as well.



Bit expensive as it combines polish and cleaner.


  3  Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish Trigger

Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish Trigger Spray

Here is the strongest cleaner for the wood-burning stove glass. The formula is very efficient in all types of stains on the glass surface. Not only it cuts through the tough ash and ash smoke coating on the wood stove glass, but it works on other stains like grease or steam buildups.

The cleaner is easy to work with, as well. As this one is a  combination of very strong agents, you don’t have to rub more or use more scrubbing. Only spray it over the surface and wipe the soften stains from the surface.

As it is a powerful cleaner, you better take maximum care of your skin and eyes while using it. Another thing that distinguishes the cleaner with other cleaners is its corrosive nature. It is not a foamy spray.

Being corrosives adds to its cleaning power. You don’t have to scrub it more vigorously. The friction will make your job easy and leaves better shinier surfaces behind.



Very strong cleaner.

Corrosive texture makes your job easy.

Takes less effort in cleaning tough stains.

Affordable price.



The corrosive spray not good for the skin.


  4  Scotch-Brite Scratch-Free Glass Cooktop Pads

Scotch-Brite Scratch-Free Glass Cooktop Pads, Chemical-Free Cleaning, 2 Cleaning Pads

This one is a dry wipe that works very well on black and stained glass of wood stove.

It’s a simple little sponge but works well on the glass surface. It is specially designed to clean the stove glass.

The glass cleaner works without streaking or scratching the surface. The wired rug is very effective for the glass of wood stove.

The cleaner does not require any washing before or after. It merely cuts through the hardened ash and carbon coating on the surface of the glass.

The scrubber saves time and works more efficiently than many other sprays and gels. It is easy to use and gives the result fast and easy.

One pack serves many seasons, and thus, it becomes a cost-effective option as well. You don’t have to wash the scrubber afterwards. Simply bang it on a newspaper to get rid of any residues in it.



Fast and easy.


Good for ash and carbon.

Keeps the glass shining with little effort.

Does not require any washing at all.



May not work well on grease stains.



  5  Rasko Cleaner Pads For Stove Glass

Trollull Cleaner Pads For Stove Glass 2 In A Pack Rakso Stove Glass Cleaner

Here is another cleaning pad for stove glass. The pad works dry, and you don’t have to spend money on buying additional cleaning agents at all. You even don’t have to use water with it. Use of gels, soaps and water is not only messy but takes a considerable amount of time from your busy routine.

These dry pads, on the other hand, requires no cleaning agent and works on it own, saving your time, money, and effort.


The cleaning sponge has a double layer of fine steel wool on both sides. The steel wool works are tough on the black carbon and ashes on glass, but at the same time, it does not ruin the glassy surface at all. The steel wool leaves no scratches on glass and keeps it in a shiny state.

The elastic steel wool fibers work like gentle micro blades that do not penetrate the surface of the glass but cleans it effectively.

You can keep a clear view of the fire burning inside easily. The rags work well if you keep cleaning the glass daily or after a few days in routine. It does not allow any black and tough buildup on the glass that is difficult to go.

The cleaner works well on both wood-burning stove and multi-fuel stove.



Saves money.

Easy to clean.

Leaves no scratches.

Lasts long.

Requires no cleaning agent.



Works well only on sooth, carbon, and ashes.


  6  CeramaBryte – Cooktop Cleaning Kit 

Cerama Bryte - Cooktop Cleaning Kit - Includes 10 oz. Bottle of Cerama Bryte Cooktop Cleaner

If you need to fight with tough stains of all types on the glass of your stove, this cleaning kit is your ally.

It’s a complete cleaning kit by CeramaBryte who have thought of everything. The kit includes a powerful cleaning agent, a scraper, and a padded tool that become handy for keeping your wood stove glass in pristine condition.


The cleaner is strong enough to remove any stains, whether it is for burning, or from the steams that leaves residues on glass or simply the oil and grease splutters that leave your stove glass dirty and unclear.

The cleaner works on both glass and ceramic surfaces. You can clean any surface as long as it is smooth. The powerful cleaner is good for all types of stains like grease, stains, and burnt the deposits.

The scrapper in the kit is good for scratching tough residues from the surface. It saves your fingers and nails. The pad tool that comes in this kit gives you more cleaning power.



A complete cleaning kit.

Comes with scrapper and cleaning pad.

The powerful cleaner works on all stains.

Keeps the surface shiny.

Good for all smooth surfaces.



Bit expensive.



  7  Stove Bright Glass Cleaner

Stove Bright Glass Cleaner

Here is another powerful cleaner that helps you to restore your wood stove glass doors like new. The cleaner works on the glass door and makes it look at its best.

One of the common problems for wood stove glass doors is the tough residues of splutters, grease, and burnt ingredients. All of these stains are difficult to go unless you use a powerful cleaner like this stove bright Glass cleaner.

The cleaner cuts through the baked-on carbon and creosote deposits. The cleaner is great for removing stains without leaving any scratches on the glass surface.

Though the cleaner may seem little pricey, one bottle contains 16 oz of liquid cleaning agent that is enough to last many years even if you use it regularly.


Tough on stains.

Plenty of sprays in one bottle.

Saves time and money.

Gives a clean and polished look.

Good for all types of stains.



The upfront price is high.


  8  Imperial KK0047 Clear Flame 

Imperial KK0047 Clear Flame 2 In 1 Glass and Masonry Cleaner

This one is another wood stove glass cleaner by Imperial. This one is a combination of glass and masonry cleaner.

It will work not only on your glass doors but is equally great for kitchen slabs or other shelf’s with stony surface or made of bricks.

Unlike some other cleaners that are not safe to be used around children, this one comes with an improved composition. The spray is also very easy to spread and is sticky enough to spread on the glass surface. You can easily clean the surface as it stays on it and does not have a runny consistency. It is thick enough to cling to the vertical surface.

The cleaner removes all types of stains like black smoke, baked-on creosote, or grease. The chemical composition does not affect the brass, paint, and lacquer.



2-in-1 cleaner.

Sticky enough to stay on the vertical surface.

Easy to apply.

Remove all types of stains.

Does not affect paint.



Does not come with a scrubber.


  9  Quick’nBrite Fireplace Glass Cleaner Kit

Quick’nBrite offers a glass cleaning kit to make the job easier for you. The complete kit comes ready to meat any stains on your wood stove’s glass door.

The glass cleaner is safe for any kind of glass surface, be it the glass door, fireplace glass, gas stove cooktops, or any glass surface.

The good thing is that it leaves no scratches on the glass surface. The cleaning agent softens the stains and makes go easily with a sponge scrubber.

The glass cleaner is easy to spread or apply. It comes in a spray form that sticks to the surface of the glass easily and won’t run down. The sticky cleaner makes the stains soft, so they are easier to remove.

The best thing about this cleaner is that it is environmentally friendly. All of its ingredients are non-toxic and biodegradable. Still, it manages to be strong on tough stains as well. The cleaner is fine to be used with children around.

The sponge scrub and microfiber cloth help you to remove the soft stains from glass and leave it shiny and stain-free.



A complete cleaning kit.

Strong cleaning agent.

Safe ingredients.

Environmental friendly cleaner.

Easy to apply.



Probably not too strong for grease.


  10  MEECO’S RED DEVIL 702 Woodstove Glass Cleaner

MEECO'S RED DEVIL 702 Woodstove Glass Cleaner Refill

This one is a glass cleaner with industrial standard strength and performance. It comes in a large bottle so suits those who have a lot of cleaning job at hand.

The cleaner works not only on glass, but you can make use of it for cleaning other surfaces like For corn, wood, pellet, or coal stove.

It removes the baked-on Creosote, soot, smoke, grease, and other tough stains easily. The cleaner sticks to the surface and in a few minutes, loosen up the tough stains. You can easily remove the cleaning agent and stains with a soft scrubber.

The cleaner does not steal the sheen and brightness of the glass surface. It only cleans it, and you don’t have to worry about any scratches or loss of shine. Overall, it’s the best option for cleaning blackened stove glass doors.



Comes in a large bottle.

Pellet stove glass cleaner.

Works on coal stoves as well.


Cleans with little effort.



Consistency is a bit runny.


How Can you Get Your Wood Stove Back to Looking Brand New?

wood stove

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A fireplace is generally the central part of any room where everybody sits and chatter. It looks elegant and provides the much-needed warmth in winters. The glass door reflecting the burning wood inside looks beautiful.

The burning of wood inside builds up the smoke, ash, and dirt over the glasses surface. Not only it looks dirty but it stops you from looking at the fire.

So cleaning the wood glass from time to time is the only option you have. Here are some of the ways you can clean the wood stove glass door.

The mixture of Soda and Water

This one is the easiest way for cleaning wood stove glass. And a very cost-effective way of cleaning.

  • Mix the soda with water.
  • Make it like a paste.
  • Cover the glass surface.
  • Leave it for some time to soften.
  • Clean it with some soft sponge or scrubber.


Use of Vinegar

For more tougher stains you can mix the vinegar with soda. So instead of water, mix vinegar with soda and leave the mixture on your glass door.

You can dip the cotton towel in vinegar and clean the glass with it. The acetic power of vinegar will cut through the stains easily.


Use of Newspaper

The best way to clean wood stove glass the surface is with a simple newspaper. Use the damp Newspaper and also add some ashes from the stove. The ashes work on the glass surface, and it will loosen up the soot and dirt residues. Make sure you don’t pick up the coal part that may leave scratches on the glass if you rub it too vigorously.


Use of Glass cleaner

There are many wood burning stove glass cleaners available in the market that are commercially prepared to clean the glass surface. Some of them come with special polish that helps you to keep the glass door in pristine and shining condition.

Cleaning the wood stove glass with special glass cleaners is also easy. The best part is that these glass cleaners are specifically designed for the purpose, so they are easy to spray on the vertical glass surface and sticks to the surface.

You can leave the cleaning agent on for sometime and once the stains are loosened up scrub them off with a scrubber or cloth.

Use of dish soap and vinegar

This one is the simplest and best way to get rid of soot buildup from your stove doors. All you need is a bit of vinegar added to any dishwashing soap. Apply it on the glass surface. After leaving for a few minutes simply scrub the area with a soft sponge.

How to Prevent Dirty Wood Stove Glass?

You cannot prevent the glass door from getting dirty completely, but certain practices would prevent the buildup of soot and ash on the glass door and will keep your glass door shiny and bright.

Here are  few cleaning wood burning stove tips and tricks

  • Clean frequently: Make a routine of cleaning the glass daily or on alternate days. It will immediately remove the little stains on the glass and keep your fireplace looking gorgeous.
  • Practice Good Burning Techniques: avoid burning softwoods. The wood-like pine or birch will not only put soot on the glass, but it will also build creosote in your chimney.
  • Avoid Burning Fresh and wet wood.
  • Give plenty of air when you first add a log to the firebox.
  • Don’t use steel scrubbers or hard scrappers to remove the stains. It will leave scratches on the glass that would look ugly and may ruin the appearance of your fireplace.
  • Always be careful while using a glass cleaner and don’t expose your hands, eyes, or skin in direct contact with the cleaner.
  • Don’t try to clean hot glass. Let it cool down before you clean the glass. Applying cleaners to hot glass may cause a burn. It may emit hot noxious flames.


What Type of Cleaner Should I Use for Wood Stove Glassdoor?

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Choosing the cleaner for your Wood Stove Glass can be confusing. Here are a few types of Glass cleaners:


Silicon Additives: Glass cleaner with silicon additives helps you to remove soot from glass

fast and easy.

Ammonia-based cleaners: These are also very effective. The good thing about these cleaner is that they leave a shine on the glass surface.

Sticky and easy to apply: Make sure you choose a cleaner that is sticky enough to cling to the vertical glass. A mixture with running consistency will be difficult to stay on the glass surface.

Safety first: You may want the strongest cleaner to get your job easily done. But beware of some strong agents that may not be safe to be used with little children around. Make sure you choose a safe product. The best thing is to choose an environmentally friendly cleaner.


Final Words

Burning of wood seems very beautiful in the room, but it may cause some problems like you have to keep cleaning the glass of wood stove from time to time. Dirty glass may ruin the beauty of your fireplace.

A good cleaner will make the job easy. You don’t have to spend hours preparing solutions of soda and vinegar. Spray a good cleaner on the glass, and it will come out clean and shiny like new. Make sure you choose a good cleaner that would need less scrubbing.

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