Christopher Knight Home 296658 Rogers Round Stone Fire Pit Table

How to choose the best propane fire pit tables?

Chilly evenings takes us to the Narnia-like world and who doesn’t love being in a fantasy world when the real lives are so monotonous. But practicalities are always more important. Without the warmth of the sun, even Narnia became painful to bear. In the same way, to make our evenings more comfortable and enjoyable, we need to add coziness to them.

And what better than a tabletop propane fire pit to give off a warmth by keeping you fire-safe too. Among the outdoor fire tables, propane is used popularly due to its many benefits over wood. These tables are far better in design compared to a tabletop propane fire bowl.

But how to find the perfect fit for us to make our evenings more perfect?

Five Best Propane Fire Pit Tables by Consumer Report 

Finding the best propane fire table is not a day’s task. It needs a lot of research to find one matching our requirements regarding safety, functionality, and aesthetics. To make your task a bit easier, we have researched thoroughly and compiled a few best fire table reviews.


Outland Living Series 401 Brown 44-Inch Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit

        • -Safe
        • -Easy to Assemble
        • -Weather Resistant
        • -Adjustable flame
        • -Sturdy fittings
        • -Great Storage
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Best Choice Products BCP Extruded Aluminum Gas Outdoor Fire Pit Table

    • -Fire lid
    • -Weather-resistant
    • -Durable
    • -Protective cover
    • -Adjustable flame
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NAPOLEON Victorian Rectangle Patioflame

      • -Converter kit
      • -Safety valve
      • -Sturdy fittings
      • -Warranty
      • -Burner lid
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Endless Summer 30 Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

    • -Sturdy construction
    • -Piezo ignition
    • -No fumes at all
    • -Clean look
    • -Protective Cover
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Christopher Knight Home 296658 Rogers Round Stone Fire Pit Table

      • -Sturdy frame
      • -Weather-resistant
      • -Protective cover
      • -Decorative rocks
      • -Automatic ignition
      • -A Hidden tank
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  1  Outland Living Series 410 Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

Outland Living Series 410 Brown 36-Inch Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

Outland is the hallmark of quality and style and this outland fire table is another testimony to it. The maker of best propane fire pit tables brings us a coffee-colored table that makes a stunning addition to your evening parties while giving of 42,500 BTUs of heat to serve its main purpose. The fire table has been powder coated with heavy-duty aluminum which makes it sturdy and durable. As an added advantage, the sturdy base don’t let the table to topple over in any case.

The table comes attached with a 3 inches hose along with the regulator to control the flame. The ignition button makes starting the fire easier than over.  The sleek finish makes it easy to maintain.


Safe: The fire pit table has been approved for keeping you safe with its one-step ignition and keeping the control in your hands. Also, in case of doubt, the CSA approval will be enough to clear them all. Ignite it in areas where fire regulations are active and you’ll not face any legal action as you are safe.

Easy to Assemble: Assembling the fire table is a matter of just a few minutes and most of it is just unpacking your brand new addition out of the box. The setting up doesn’t take more than 30 minutes including putting it together along with the accessories.

Weather Resistant: This fire pit table has a coating all over it to protect it while it is out there in the open. Be it the sunniest day or one with a thick fog, the coating makes it all-weather resistant and confers longevity.

Adjustable flame: In a fire table, propane plays the major role of heating and if you cannot control it, what’s the fun of using it? With an Outland Living Series 410, it’s you who gets the control of the flame and not the wind. The fire pit table has a knob to adjust the height of the flame as per your liking.

Sturdy fittings: The burn pan, burner and all the fasteners of this  fire pit are all made from stainless steel which makes them sturdy enough to withstand many seasons.

Great Storage: The table has a great storage provision to fit the 20 lbs propane tank inside it safely. The doors are also easy to open and shut from any side you want with rings to help you pull them out comfortably.


Ignition: The fire pit has a one-step ignition process and sometimes it gets a little more than a few attempts to get the fire started.

Expensive: Though the table has all the features one might need, it’ll cut your pocket deeper than you thought

Extremely heavy: At 83 pounds, this table is too heavy for easy mobility.

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  2  Best Choice Products Fire Pit Table

Best Choice Products BCP Extruded Aluminum Gas Outdoor Fire Pit Table

This fire table from Best Choice Products is sure to add elegance to your outdoor with its classic dark brown color done with a bronze finish. Built from extruded aluminum, the construction is quite sturdy and is safe against toppling over. It promises you fire until your 20 lbs of propane tank gets exhausted by giving off a maximum heat of 42,000 BTUs. That’s enough to keep you warm in breezy summers and chilly winters. And the glass beads take care of adding more beauty to your flames by giving off a real fire effect and an unmatched reflective glow.


Fire lid: The table comes with an added lid which makes this fire pit double up as a normal table when not in use.

Weather-resistant: The table has a bronze coating which makes it resistant to all kinds of weather.

Durable: The aluminum body lends longevity to the fire table.

Protective cover: A protective cover is a part of the purchase to cover and keep your table protected from dust or rain when not in use.

Adjustable flame: The fire pit table has a knob to control the heat output. This lets you set it at low or high volumes as the climatic conditions demand.


Not certified: As against other popular and trusted brands, this fire table is not CSA approved for fire safety regulations.

Poor customer service: The customer service of the company lags behind many other big names and it can take time to solve the problem, if and when arrives.

Not spill-proof: The table is not made to withstand the grease and hot food debris falling over it. This can decrease the life of the finish.

Weak Coating: The outer coating is a little weak and can show some nips here and there rather sooner than later. You’ll have to be extra careful while it.

  3  Napoleon Rectangle Patioflame

NAPOLEON Victorian Rectangle Patioflame

This Victorian style bronze-colored rustic fire table is the most classic design which can accentuate any kind of decor. Its rustic appeal merges well with traditional as well as contemporary set-up. And looks isn’t the only department where it ranks best. The fire pit can keep you warm enough to brave a breezy evening with a heat capacity of 40,000 BTUs. The fire pit takes a few seconds to get started with its easy one-step ignition button. And putting off the flame is equally easy with it. 7 lbs of decorative topaz fire glass is a bonus to lend a beautiful effect to the flame.


Converter kit: The fire pit table has a converter kit as a part of the purchase for switching propane to natural gas.

Safety valve: The thermocouple safety valve does an excellent job of putting off the flame immediately if any leakage is noticed.

Sturdy fittings: The stainless steel burner and valve makes the fittings sturdy which can brave years to come without any breakage.

Warranty: The fire pit table has a three-year limited warranty for any kind of manufacturing defects.

Burner lid: The company also offers a burner lid to cover it when the burner is not in use. This will let you double the pit as a tabletop for your regular parties.


Not enough hot: The heat given off by the pit is not enough for extremely chilly evenings.

Weak ignition: The ignition of the fire pit is a bit weak as it takes more than one try to switch the flame on.

Heavy: At 101 lbs, the table is quite heavy to shift.

  4  Endless Summer Propane Gas Pit Table

Endless Summer 30 Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

This beautiful propane fire pit table from Endless Summer is a marvelous square black beauty with a ceramic tile finish as its tabletop around the fire bowl. To add to the beauty of the counter, the stunning blue decorative fire glass of 12 lbs gives off a dramatic flame. The flame can be adjusted as per your preference with the help of a knob. And with 30,000 BTU capacity, it gives enough warmth to make your evenings cozy. It is the best choice among the cheap propane fire pit tables. The assembly of the fire pit is extremely easy as it takes just under half an hour to set it up even for a beginner. It has the potential to become your camping gas fire pit table as it is lightweight and easy to assemble.


Sturdy construction: The steel construction of the table makes it the sturdiest fire table out there on sale.

Piezo ignition: The piezo ignition makes putting the flame on and off the easiest without having to tend to the fire for minutes.

No fumes at all: The fire pit table can be used even in a covered porch or patio as it does not give off any kind of smoke or fumes at all.

Clean look: Among all the gas firepits, table is the cleanest form. The propane tank of this fire table is hidden from all the sides lending the table a super clean and uber cool look. Don’t hesitate to set it up even at the center of your porch.

Protective Cover: To protect the fire pit table from harsh weather and heavy rains, a protective cover of PVC vinyl is included in the purchase package.


Uncomfortable screws: The screws of the legs are fitted at uncomfortable angles which takes more than a layman to set it up.

Takes time to assemble: The fire table takes a bit of your time and effort to figure out where to put its legs. The manual seems to help a little.

No lid: Generally, the companies offer a fire lid with fire pit tables lo let you double it up as a center table too, especially when you have invested so much in an item. This fire pit doesn’t come with a fire lid.

  5  Christopher Knight Home Stone Fire Pit Table

Christopher Knight Home 296658 Rogers Round Stone Fire Pit Table

This fire pit table from Christopher Knight Home has made it to the list for being unique in its look and still high on functionality. A mixture of brown, gray and cream stones, the pit can add rustic appeal to any kind of backdrop, patio or garden. Made from stone and steel, this round propane fire pit table is stronger than many of its competitors. And with generating heat of up to 40,000 BTUs, it can add enough warmth in your already cozy family get-together. And about that heat, you can always control its intensity as per the demand of the weather conditions because the table has a provision for flame adjustment too.


Sturdy frame: The steel construction of this round propane fire table makes the frame sturdy enough to help it withstand high temperatures without any damage.

Weather-resistant: The frame has been made from magnesium oxide which is fire-proof. Additionally, it keeps the table safe from dew, fog, or any kind of mold from growing over the stone structure. This makes it last many seasons outside in your backyard.

Protective cover: A waterproof PVC cover is a part of the package to protect your beautiful fire pit from harsh weather when it is off duty.

Decorative rocks: The fire pit table comes with a gorgeous pack o lava rocks to add a more realistic effect to your flame.

Automatic ignition: The battery-operated ignition button lets you start and stop the flame with just one step.

Hidden tank: With all that aesthetics added to this attractive item, the hidden propane tank also helps to keep the look as neat as possible.

No assembly required: Unlike others, this fire pit needs no assembling act on your part. Simply get it delivered to your backyard and you’re ready to go.


Expensive: This is quite an expensive option considering many others on the market.

No fire lid: The package lacks a fire lid to cover the fire burning place when the fire pit is not in use. You’ll have to purchase it separately if you want to double up the pit as a tabletop.

Heavy : At 117 pounds, this fire pit table is probably one of the heaviest you’ll find out there courtesy its solid rock frame combined with steel.

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 Can I use Propane Fire Pit Table indoors?

No, it is not recommended to use Propane Fire Pit Table in an enclosed area. A proper ventilation and specific flooring type is required for the appropriate placement of Fire Pit Tables. To prevent accidents from the heat and smoke produced by the Fire Pit Tables in the enclosed areas, it is, therefore, best to avoid them indoors.


Can I roast marshmallows on my Propane Fire Pit Table?

If roasting a marshmallow to beautiful golden brown color over an open flame is your dream, then you must go for it. What could be a better evening than enjoying freshly roasted marshmallows with your group of people in your backyard? After the party gets over, you just need to ensure that you clean the burner thoroughly to avoid any blockage in the burner ports.


Why is my Propane Fire Pit Table producing whistling sound?

If you are experiencing an annoying whistling sound, there could be an issue with the routing of the flex line. Bends or kinks in the flex line can produce a whistling sound. If the sound prevails after checking with the flex line routing, you’ll have to determine your gas supply pressure. An experienced professional can be of great help for making necessary adjustments to the gas supply pressure.


What is a firepit media?

A Firepit media is any decorative item that is used to add real effect to your propane fire flame. There are many ways to dramatize your flame. Many companies often send the media as a part of the purchase. But if you do not happen to choose such a company, you can always purchase it separately. Choose from an array of options like lava rocks, fire glass, fire pit logs, fire pit stones, or mixed media.


Can natural river rock be used instead of lava rock?

No. Never make the mistake of using any other kind of rocks, you may have collected, in the fire pit as media. This is because the natural rocks have a lot of moisture content in them and can explode when burnt. But the firepit media that are sold in the market are specially dried and made heat resistant to prevent any probable accident.

What is a CSA Certification for propane fire pit?

Known to certify a product as safe and reliable, CSA aka Canadian Standards Association is a nation-wide recognized testing laboratory. It makes sure the company delivers its safety promise. If you see any fire pit approved by CSA, consider it safe as it has been tested by none other than the experts.


How wind affects the flame of a gas fire pit?

Wind can change the direction of your gas fire pit flame. And if the weather is too windy, it can put the flame off. In such a case, wait until the wind-wave dies down. Or you can buy a wind guard which is a protective shield around the flame and keeps it from getting off even in the strongest wind waves.

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In breezy evenings, a fire pit has become a must-have for all of us not only to add warmth to the chill but also to add some beauty to our view. Looking at a sunset while sitting around a beautiful flame, gives the illusion of getting the warmth from the sun itself. And about the particular tastes of adding aesthetics to our backyard, options are aplenty. Here, we have tried our best to shortlist something for everyone. While we focus on the beauty, safety must not be ignored. So, when it comes to fire tables, propane wins over the real wood any day. Hope it helps you make a quick decision by saving you some time and effort while you purchase the best fire table.

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