How to Adjust Temperature on Touchless Kitchen Faucets?

How to Adjust Temperature on Touchless Kitchen Faucets?

A touchless, or motion-activated faucet is a new type of kitchen faucet that can be switched on by simply waving to the sensor in the faucet. Depending on the model of the device, this sensor is situated either on the edge, right where the faucet handle is normally mounted or on the top of the faucet. This kind of faucet has completely transformed kitchen as we know it. But a question arises when people consider buying a touchless faucet is that, How to Adjust Temperature on Touchless Kitchen Faucets?

Why do you need the Motion-activated Faucet?

A kitchen is a busy place. So imagine a faucet that turns on automatically just by sensing that you put something in the sink? It is extremely beneficial, as it often removes the damage that might be created by handling various objects at the same time. This form of faucet is a genuine invention that makes the kitchen job a lot easier.

How does it work?

When it comes to touchless, motion-activated faucets, you have two options:

  • You will use the sensors to run the faucet hands-free.
  • Or you can use it manually, much like every other form of faucet.

By utilizing a motion system, the system can immediately sense the motion of the hand in front of it and activate the movement of water. It is just that easy.

In certain touchless faucet models, the temperature of the motion-regulated water is managed by a separate control panel. You will set the temperature you like, and it will stay that way until you change it. As for the movement of vapor, it can be balanced using the handle of the faucet.

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How to Adjust Temperature on Touchless Kitchen Faucets?

First of all, I would warn you that not all faucets are temperature adjustable. The first thing you need to know is whether your sample has a function or not. There are a lot of forms you can find out on it. But now let us concentrate on the main topic.

Adjusting the temperature is an easy job. It seems challenging because you do not have the training, and the knowledge is not readily accessible. When you learn the secret, you might wonder why you were so upset in the first place.

Generally, there will be a switching mechanism that allows you to adjust the temperature. It might be right in front of you or under the sink. Here are several potential positions and ways to use them.

Lever / The Knob

There is a knob or lever attached to the side or to the front of the faucet with a hot and cold marking on it. Only switch the left / right lever before the water falls out at the correct rate.


Some faucets may use the handle as a temperature adjuster. Pull the handle out to change the temperature. In some situations, you might have to turn the handle left or right.

Once you reach your desired temperature, stop moving the handle and keep it in that spot. When you take out the knob, the water will start flowing through the outlet, but you can stop the flow by bringing your hands close to the motion sensor.

Temperature Wheel

When you could not locate a button like this or negotiate with your faucet, you would have to dive a little harder. Find out the refrigerator under the sink. You can notice a temperature control system there along with the power source of your faucet.

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You can consider the temperature level of the dial on the control system with an indicator of hot or cold at the end. Switch the knob to the left or the right to get the appropriate water temperature. Afterwards, the switch must ensure that the water stays at the same temperature.


The new motion sensor faucets use software to help you change the temperature of the water without having to touch it. In such situations, you can find a red LED for hot water and a blue LED for cold water on the opposite side of the beam.

You just need to push your hand close to the red or blue sensor to get the water at the temperature you want in this situation.

Doing it Manually

The slightly older models may need you to reach the water-control valves underneath the sink. In this scenario, first switch off the hot water source to prevent spillage. Instead remove the base cabinet of the sink to reveal the water-control valves.

You are likely to see two valves or a knob there. Another is for hot water, the other for cool water. Rotate the valve clockwise to turn it on and shut it off clockwise. Switch between the two knobs to reach the desired temperature.

Turn the water supply source back on. Open the valve and test whether or not the water is running correctly at the right temperature and pressure.

Does your touchless faucet have Temperature adjustability?

As we have discussed before, not every touchless kitchen hood has this functionality. And if you have forgotten about yours, you can try the following easy methods to find out-

Look it up:

This might be the simplest way to go. Every commodity has a model number. Most of the time, you have a model number carved on a faucet or printed on a package. Find the details of your faucets online with the model number. Make sure you look at the right brand.

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However, if you cannot locate the model number, you can try going to the manufacturer’s website and search for your faucet. Go to the touchless faucet site and see if any of the images suit your plug. Try using other features to narrow down the list. After you have selected the pattern, you will see if it is temperature adjustable or not.

Contact the manufacturer

Almost all faucet manufacturers and suppliers have their hotlines. You should call them at least at any business hour. If you know the number, that is the quickest answer. You may check the number in the instruction manual, in the product box, or on the manufacturer’s website.


Whether you just walked in the door or you are in the middle of prepping and cooking dinner, you are currently using your kitchen sink to wash your hands a little. And it does not matter if you are concerned about rubbing the faucet handle with germs that you might have taken in from outside or with dirty food on your lips, it is all so much better if you do not even have to worry of doing it first. That is where the touchless kitchen faucets come in — no longer trying to turn the faucet handle on your elbow or major mess, you can just wave your hand to turn the sink on and off.

And hands-free faucets make it easier than just washing your hands. The dishes are a breeze, and some smart faucets can even calculate how much water you need — all you need to do is inquire. Swapping out the new faucet for a touchless faucet can even help you conserve power, because turning it on and off becomes a click. If you are ready to make a move, these are some of the strongest touchless faucets you can buy online from trusted brands. Hopefully this guide will answer your question, How to Adjust Temperature on Touchless Kitchen Faucets?

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