DIY Home Improvement on a Budget

DIY Home Improvement on a Budget

Spruce up Your Space

Having a home is a pride; having a beautiful home feels like heaven. Knowing the psychological and physical benefits of being in an appealing environment, embarking on a home improvement project is worth considering.

However, you might have to spruce up your home on a budget when funds aren’t so available to spare. Luckily, this isn’t a problem at all.

You don’t have to break the bank to upgrade your interior decor. With little tweaks and additions, the grandeur will definitely emerge.

So, here are some DIY home improvement ideas to spruce up your space on a budget.

1. Transform your home with paint

Paint is undoubtedly one of the best ways to improve and transform your home’s appeal. A fresh coat of paint, especially when it’s of a different color from the old, completely changes the look while giving the home a newer feel.

If your walls look drab and washed out, get a paint can and brush and go at it. Painting isn’t so difficult; you don’t need a pro to paint your interior walls if you can pay attention to detail and follow online guidelines to the letter.

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Read up expert tips on how to paint because painting goes beyond just splashing colors around. The quality of the finish is what brings the paint’s beauty to life.

2. Get rid of the eye-sores

While you may think that a home improvement project refers solely to additions, sometimes elimination is one way to go. Look around your home for old, unsightly items. What ought not to be there?

One way to determine unsightly items is to go away from your home and enter after a while. At that moment, your eyes quickly pinpoint what could be removed or rearranged.

3. Add trim to curtains

Instead of buying new curtains, adding trim to the existing ones will help you save money and upgrade your interior. This may seem minimal but influences your home’s overall appeal at a glance.

4. Hang up cheap but graceful wall arts

Wall arts comprise framed prints and paintings. You can’t go for expensive paintings? Whoever said you must?

You can upgrade your interior and save money while at it by hanging up your own framed art pieces and printed photographs. Draw or paint something exquisite or print out a nature photo from your phone and have a local professional frame it.

It wouldn’t cost you much, but framed prints can indeed transform a room.

5. A dishwasher to save money on water bills

If your old dishwasher is digging holes in your wallet with huge electric and water bills, it’s time to switch to an energy-efficient dishwasher. This can save you over $30 yearly and around 500 gallons of water.

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You can install a dishwasher by yourself within an hour without assistance from any plumber or electrician, so you’d be saving a good deal of money.

6. Give your kitchen a new look

Cabinets are indeed one of the top kitchen remodeling ideas you can think of. A brand new or freshly painted cabinet can improve your kitchen’s appeal instantly, but it can take a toll on your finances. Discount Kitchen Cabinets are the perfect solution if you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen on a budget. They come ready-to-assemble, meaning you don’t need to hire a pro to install or paint your kitchen cabinet; neither is shipping cost a concern.

7. Spruce up your floor with paint

Paint doesn’t work only on hardwood floors: it’s great for concrete, plywood, and tile floors.

Painting your floor to complement your walls is one amazing way to spruce up your interior on a budget.

You could try a checked pattern, or whatever works for you, but be sure to choose the right paint for the flooring material.

Refinishing or changing your floor would strain your budget, so this makes a great alternative.

8. Install a water filter

Many Americans have switched to bottled water because of rising complaints about the taste of household tap water. If you’re one, buying bottled water for a year wouldn’t be very cost-effective if money is a concern. Perhaps, you could install an under-sink water filtration system so you can get pure water all year round. It wouldn’t cost you beyond $300, which is far more cost-effective than purchasing bottled water all year round.

Although this wouldn’t exactly affect your home’s aesthetics, it’s a home improvement project in its rights.

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9. Use pot plants

Nature brings so many benefits to your space, such as creating a relaxing environment, so use it as much as you can.

Faux plants establish stylish décor at incredibly low prices. Find one that works for your budget, and then place it in an affordable handcrafted pot.

10. Get those cords out of sight

Indeed, the sight of cords in your living room can be annoying. No matter how you try to arrange them, they end up messing up the TV area.

You can obtain cord concealers for as low as $15. Hiding those unsightly cords around your TV and lighting fixtures can change the overall appeal of your interior.

11. Paint your garage door

Is your garage door looking old and worn? You don’t have to spend so much money replacing it. It could do with a fresh coat of paint.

Painting your garage door can help improve your curb appeal, which in turn increases the home’s resale value.

12. Buy second-hand home improvement fixtures

You may have your eyes on certain fixtures such as lighting and furniture that are way out of your budget. Consider thrift shopping for these items as you can acquire for far less the price of a new one.

Even when you don’t have an item in mind, you will likely find fanciful, classic, and rustic home improvement products at thrift stores. Look around and see what you can come up with.

13. Draw attention to your staircase with stair brackets

Two DIY runners costing about $300 altogether can turn your bland-looking staircase into an eye-catching piece.

Additionally, consider using decorative stair brackets to convert the often-ignored exposed part of your staircase into a posh eye-catcher.

Easy-to-install DIY stair brackets are one way to spruce up your living room on a budget.

Wrapping up

From painting and wall prints to fresh new affordable kitchen cabinets, there’s so much you can do to improve your home decor on a budget. You don’t have to try everything. Sometimes, less is more. Find what works for you, implement it with precision, and see your home transform right before you.

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