Water Softening Shower Heads

Top 5 Best Water Softening Shower Heads Reviews by Top Home Guide in 2020

You’ve always heard people use the words ‘hard water’ and ‘soft water’, and you may question how the water can be hard or soft? and how can identical-looking water be safe or harmful for drinking?  

Water normally contains salts and substances, but it is perfectly clear. The “hard” water is induced by the accumulation of such minerals.

This article discusses the distinctions of all water forms, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of growing water, and the details on water softening. While also discussing how you can get hands-on a water softener shower head

Here are the top 5 water softening shower heads of 2020


Top 5 Best Water Softening Shower Heads

        • -Very easy to install.
        • -Reduces Chlorine concentration.
        • -Aesthetic look.
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Top 5 Best Water Softening Shower Heads

    • -Chlorine is filtered.
    • -Hard to notice.
    • -Affordable price.
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Top 5 Best Water Softening Shower Heads

      • -High-quality chlorine filtering
      • -Beneficial for the skin.
      • -Sodium-less shower resin.
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Top 5 Best Water Softening Shower Heads

    • -Filters chlorine quickly.
    • -Affordable.
    • -Noticeable results within minutes.
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Top 5 Best Water Softening Shower Heads

  • -Durable build.
  • -Compatible with many kinds
  • -30-day money-back guarantee
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  1  AquaBliss High Output Revitalizing Shower Filter

Top 5 Best Water Softening Shower Heads

The best-selling of AquaBliss shower water filters. This should satisfy the specifications if you are extremely strict about the possibilities of your shower filter. The SF100 is a 12-stage filtration device that greatly improves the condition of nails, skin, and hair when you shower. Over the long term, it is a cost-effective option.

The filter’s lifespan is around 6 months. The advancing filtration device is the biggest distinction from the other products of the same supplier. The advantage here is that ceramic balls are used to preserve good skin, minimize itchy skin, dandruff, and eczema. The filter contains Zeolite, vitamin C and power sticks. They nourish your skin and hair. Big and small sediments are accumulated in the first and second stages. Chlorine, heavy metals, fungi, THM, and impurities are often extracted in the most critical phases. The device can be mounted quite quickly. Two filters are installed and it is ideal for all kinds of showers. Fixed, rain and handheld included.

  • Very easy to install.
  • Does not interfere with the water pressure
  • Moisturizes skin by providing cleaner water.
  • Reduces Chlorine concentration.
  • Aesthetic look.
  • Leaking problem.
  • The filter stops working after some usage.
  • Low-quality parts make it less durable.

  2  PureAction Water Softener Shower Head

Top 5 Best Water Softening Shower Heads

The PureAction Water Softener Shower Head is the perfect shower head for low water pressure showers. The Shower head has 2 filters, which allow fluoride, chloramines, ammonia, and water to be drained. If your home uses well-water, toxic substances, calcium, and rust-iron are excluded from the tank by this device.  The Shower headPureAction offers a feeling of strength and rejuvenation for your body. It helps you to conserve the energy without losing water pressures, including Power Rain, Massage and Rain modes, and 3 high-pressure conditions. The Shower head can be rotated quickly and is fitted with a revolving, flexible, spinning ball joint.

  • Increases the water pressure
  • Affordable price.
  • Water is softened at high pressure.
  • Chlorine is filtered.
  • Hard to notice.
  • Instructions are unclear.
  • The stream is needle-like; reduced area of water.
  • Low-quality materials.

  3  Aqua Eva 15 Stage Shower Filter with Vitamin C

Top 5 Best Water Softening Shower Heads

The Aqua Eva Shower Filter is the next product on our list. It is a great hard water filter shower.Note that, although the title recognizes the hard water tool, it won’t make it softer. It can also boost the skin’s health, as it decreases chlorine levels by increasing water pressure. It’s easy to fit. The filter is consistent with any 1⁄2 inch shower valve. The pipe has a regular hose. You may even buy a connector adapter if it does not match properly. When built, water should flow for approximately 20-30 seconds to eliminate any residual black water carbon particles. The filter must be changed every 6 months or depending on its usage.

  • It does not lower water pressure.
  • High-quality chlorine filtering.
  • Citric acid is used for ion exchange making it beneficial for the skin.
  • Sodium-less shower resin helps people with heart problems.
  • Very easy to install.
  • Only filters Chlorine.
  • The filter is not durable
  • People sensitive to Vitamin C can develop problems.

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  4  AquaHomeGroup 15 Stage Shower Filter

Top 5 Best Water Softening Shower Heads

One of the most common models in the price segment of the AquaHomeGroup water filter is this product. It works great as a soft water filter. In fact, this model comes with a replacement filter tube, which makes it even an economical product.

One of the aspects of the AquaHomeGroup device that we loved is that it would also improve the quality of the water. Your water will be cleaner and softer as soon as you begin to use this machine. Not just that, but the water can also eliminate toxic microscopic toxins. aThis model extracts heavy metals and other contaminants from the water effectively so that it is safe for people with sensitive skin or animals.

The best thing about this water filter is that it does not interfere with the water pressure.

  • Easy to install.
  • Noticeable results within minutes.
  • Filters chlorine quickly.
  • Affordable.
  • It does not lower the water pressure.
  • The materials are sensitive and can break during delivery.
  • Very fragile and risk of leaking.
  • Not very beautiful to look at.

  5  Berkey Shower Filter WITHOUT Shower Head

Top 5 Best Water Softening Shower Heads

The item can be used for hard water in shower filters the same as the others mentioned above. It is the best shower water softener by consumer reports.

In the world of water filtering; Berkey is a name of credibility.

The reliability of the model and the simple integration with a regular shower head is impeccable, it is very easy to fit on your shower head. You’ll just be able to fix the new shower head in less than five minutes. No problem at all!

The filter of Berkey’s Showerhead will even prevent the growth of microbes, algae, fungus, scale, and mold.

It will take 20,000 gallons or 1 year until the filter needs to be replaced. Unfortunately, Berkey does not provide a warranty with their product. There is, however, 30-day cash back guarantee so test your product as soon as you receive it.

  • Best massaging shower filter.
  • Durable build.
  • Compatible with many kinds of Showerheads.
  • Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • No tools needed to install it on your Shower head.
  • The Shower head is not included.
  • Expensive to buy.
  • It looks very plain and not appealing.


What’s the difference between hard water and soft water? 

The hardness of water is mainly measured by the quantities of calcium and magnesium in it. A high concentration of these salts in water leads to its hardness and make it unsuitable for use.

Systems for water softening function by reducing water mineral concentrations.

Soft water appears to contain greater amounts of sodium or salt than calcium or magnesium.

How can you tell if the water is hard or soft?

Normally, you can’t say whether water is hard or soft from looking at it. Even the feeling of water and what the dishwasher or laundry machine does maybe a hint as to the water’s hardness.  

Signs of hard water include

Many signs make it obvious that the water in your water supply is hard, e.g. it would be very difficult for soaps and detergents to lather or foam when they are washed with hard water not to mention spots of calcium and magnesium start appearing on kitchen utensils and clothes when they are washed in it.

Signs of soft water include

A good amount of foam produced by soaps and detergents, a slight taste of sodium if hard water is converted to soft but it might be unnoticeable.  No signs of irritation or decaying skin, nails or hair when taking a shower in soft water.

Are there any health risks associated with hard water?

Hard water will make the skin and hair rough. showering with hard water will also cause your skin to feel itchy.

The pH level in the skin will also be changed by contaminants in hard water, thereby reducing skin as a barrier to harmful microbes and pathogens. Especially fragile people with eczema shouldn’t bathe in hard water to avoid skin infections and irritation.

You will want to consider a water adjustment device for your home which is also known as a water softening device to make your water soft. If you have issues with dry skin and hair after taking a bath in hard water then you must speak to a dermatologist for moisturizers and beauty care, you should use them to counter hard water results.

What is water softening?

A home water-softening machine operates by pumping hard water through a resin – a thick material insoluble from some plants and trees – that’s filled with sodium ions that are positively charged.

There are electrically charged molecules. Magnesium and calcium in the water are mostly supplemented by amounts of sodium.

Water softening systems must be operated constantly, and sodium pellets must be applied to electrically charge the resin.

Instead of sodium, certain applications may use potassium pellets, magnets or citric acid to lessen the concentration of calcium and magnesium in the water and can be used as shower water softener.

How Water Softening Works?

A shower head water softener is used to soften hard water in the shower. The high mineral content of hard water is extremely abundant in large quantities of calcium, magnesium, sometimes even ferrous iron. The trouble with hard water is that it reacts with the fatty acids in the soap which renders it a gelatine curd and wastes a lot of soap because hard water lacks the property of creating lather and foam with soap.

Because the soap is less effective, you need to wash it more. This curd not only makes the soaps less powerful but also leaves your bathroom untidy. Any of the minerals in the water drop can produce high accumulations if the hard water spills over your bathroom. Many hard water shower head pipes may also be clogged because these minerals may get accumulated.

The method of water softening is the reduction of water of calcium, magnesium and other metal cations. It is done by shifting the interactions of calcium and magnesium ions. While at first glance this can seem complicated, it is fairly simple. 

The water bears favorable charges with calcium and magnesium ions. The water softener moves the stream into a tank full of electrically charged beads. The positive calcium and magnesium ions bind to the showerheads with beads instead of flowing in the surface while the water flows through the Showerhead.

But if the beads were to preserve magnesium and calcium, each water softener might be used only once. The beads exchange them with equally charged items instead of having them for themselves. And Positively charged sodium ions are the selected element.  Although not as strong as calcium and magnesium, sodium ions will get the job done in significant quantities.

The beads are washed with a strong salt solution after the water flows through the softener and the minerals stick to their surface. Each water softening system has a separate salt tank with a salt solution. Showerhead with beads reviews is usually positive by the consumers.

Is Water Softening Beneficial?

The first step is the cycle of ion exchange that reduces the hardness of water with sodium or potassium ions. The ions are drained from the surface as water flows into resin tubes. The potassium or sodium ions would then travel to the water. An ion reaction induces hardness and softness.

Here is some detail about how softeners operate:

  1. Service Cycle – The service cycle is the typical method through which water moves through the valve at the top of the tank and flows into the lower section of the resin tank. As water moves through the resin, the hardness elements are obtained via the above-mentioned ion-exchange cycle. The stream is then softened and passes a valve that moves the water into water pipes to pump it out.
  2. Backwash cycle- Another approach that is part of the function of water softeners is the backwash process. The water runs through a valve to the lifting tube and then passes through a reservoir. This machine blends the resin and removes the salinity and pollutants throughout the drainage process.
  3. Brine Draw Cycle- The second stage of the recovery cycle is this phase. The salt or brine is stored in the educator’s valve and then placed into the tank top. The sodium component of the hard water is stored in the resin bed by the resin exchange and the rough materials.The method persists until the fluid is pumped from the brine tank into the softener tank.
  4. The Process of Gradual Rinse- The water runs continually into the instructor at the top of the tank down to the base of the resin. Throughout this process, the salt and hard elements are rinsed from the resin. Then the water flows in the bottom collector and enters the riser through a valve to the drain.
  5. Quick rinsing process – In this method, water passes through the resin at high speed and reaches the top of the soft tank. The increased water movement compacts the resin layer and eliminates the remaining hardening and salt in the water.
  6. Replace Process-The last step is to replenish the water softener with water. 3 pounds of salt must be diluted per each gallon of water. When the water rises and fills the bath, the air pressure ball floats. The air pressure ball decides the level of water by the time. In the same period as the refill stage, the softening phase is carried out rapidly. The softener returns to the service cycle after the tank is re-filled.


It is not easy to grasp how water softening system functions; the water management expert can clarify it easier. A specialist in the area will even inform you how much water for your household should be softened and how big a tank to get.

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Is water softening safe?

On resin of a water softening machine, bacteria and fungi may grow such that the device must be washed and repaired in order to keep the water healthy.

Additional sodium in-home drinking water is the main health risk. When you are on a low sodium diet at home, you can speak to the softening machine maker about the level of sodium applied to the drink.

You should also seek to locate a soft water device utilizing potassium rather than sodium if you have heart problems and you take medications counter-indicated to sodium. Speak to a cardiologist about how water softening will influence your blood pressure if you do have health problems.

If the old plumbing device is in your house, then you must get the water checked for metallic contaminants as old pipelines are known to release lead in the drinking water which is a health hazard.


Water Softening Showerheads:

The sum of water we absorb while we shower is equivalent to 1 gallon of water to drink. Will you place your body in this completely unfiltered water? Naturally not!

Showerhead filters improve the water quality, helping to protect the disease-transmitting by intake of water. It may even that the dissolved solid so you are susceptible to irritation in your shower water.

The water of low quality will damage your skin, hair, and nails. Showerhead filters will supply you with healthier and cleaner water that can maintain your skin hydrated and leaving your hair or nails in outstanding shape while eliminating pollutants and growing residues of toxic inorganic compounds and heavy metals.


Qs. Is there a water softener shower head?

Dozens of firms offer ‘Shower water filters’ (also known as ‘shower head filters’) and, once mounted, a shower filter extracts any contaminants from the water, removing chemical residues to make the water cleaner and healthier for the body. Many people who have water with a high amount of contaminants get a 1to keep themselves safe from bad quality water.

Qs. What is the best shower head for hard water?

Ans: There are many Showerheads available online the top 5 are mentioned in this article. You can choose from the water softener and a water softening Showerhead that also filters chlorine, chloramine, and fluoride with the help of vitamin C, depending upon the property of filter, the cost will also rise.

Qs. How can I make my shower water softener?

Ans: In order to perform the work of a water softening shower head manually is by using the ion exchange method yourself; which can be achieved by introducing resin beads before the water touches your body and allow calcium and magnesium ions to be accumulated prior the water touches your head.

Qs. Do negative ion Showerheads work?

Ans: Research shows that negative ion Showerheads work and improve the quality of water in our showers. The negative ion is transported into the body and the bloodstream through the water we shower in and this directly improves the blood pressure while also softening and smoothing our skin and hairs to grow healthy and glow vibrantly, so you should use a water softener for bathing for healthier skin and hair.

Qs. How do you remove calcium deposits from a Showerhead?

Ans: To remove those deposits left behind by hard water: Just fill a small plastic bag half full with white vinegar and attach the bag over your Showerhead with a rubber band. Leave the bag in place for an hour or two.hen, remove the bag and scrub the Showerhead with an old toothbrush or rag. Your Showerhead should now look and function like new! Not only that but many faucets in your bathroom can be unclogged with mineral deposits by soaking them in vinegar!

Qs. How does high-pressure Showerhead work?

Ans: A high-pressure Showerhead is built to provide the same volume of water with higher water pressures. The dynamic spray design to adjust the mouth of the spray or pressure chamber style is used for this. A pressure chamber applies airflow and pressure to the water of the tub which pushes the water out at great pressure.

Qs. How do I choose a high-pressure Showerhead?

Ans: A high-pressure Showerhead maximizes the flow of water through the shower, although there are a ton of choices when buying high-pressure shower heads on the market, the best one in which that is durable for a long time, many cheap high-pressure Showerheads are available on the market that decay over time and the pressure slowly lessens each time you shower.


Shower heads are an important requirement for people who have hard water or water with a high amount of contaminants in their water supply. The water with high amounts of calcium and magnesium is known as hard water and is very harmful to drinking and showering purposes. Thanks to water softening shower heads, we can now simply install a shower head filter on our Showerheads and let it do its magic. So what are you waiting for? Grab your water softener shower head today!


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