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Best Portable Mini Freezers By Consumer Reports

Hobbies involving spending time with nature are becoming extinct these days. But still many love mother earth and its wonders. They spend hours or even days gazing into nature’s beauty and soaking the tranquility in today’s technology-driven world. But camping or a hunting trip on the weekend makes no sense if you feel drained at the end. Food and drinks are a necessity to fuel your body even when you’re relaxing. And you have to keep your supplies with you while out in the wild.

But how can this be done by keeping your food fresh? A weekend-time or more so, a week-long trip is enough to spoil all the food you must be carrying with you. You surely must be in a similar dilemma that brought you here. Additionally, you know the answer to this question, too. But the more important question is what portable mini freezer would be the best one. Let’s start learning it from scratch.

5 Best Portable Mini Freezers in 2021 Reviewed


Whynter FM-45G 45 Quart Portable Refrigerator

            • -Dual function
            • -Powerful compressor
            • -Dual Voltage
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Alpicool C15 Portable Refrigerator

      • -Strong and durable
      • -Portable
      • -Dual function
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Dometic CFX35W 12v Electric Powered Cooler, Fridge Freezer

        • -Low power consumption
        • -WiFi control
        • -LED light
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Travel Cooler and Warmer. 27.5 Liter

      • -Great storage
      • -Lightweight
      • -Cooled evenly
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Dometic CDF-11 Smallest Portable Freezer Refrigerator

    • -Weather-resistant
    • -Quiet operation
    • -LED indicators
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  1  Whynter FM-45G 45 Quart Portable Refrigerator

Whynter FM-45G 45 Quart Portable Refrigerator

Whynter FM-45G is a 2-in-1 appliance that can serve the purpose of a fridge and freezer for your food items. It has a carrying capacity of up to 60 cans. The best feature of this portable refrigerator is its fast cooling function that can take the temperature down to -8°F within minutes. So, it comes handy in case of emergencies when you need to cool your beverages fast. The LED temperature display keeps you informed all the time and power low indicator adds to convenience. The appliance functions well even at a 30° tilted position. As part of the accessories, you will also receive two removable wire baskets.


Technical Details

Brand NameWhynter
Model InfoFM-45G
Item Weight45 pounds
Product Dimensions18 x 28 x 20.8 inches
Item model numberFM-45G
Capacity1.41 cubic feet
Refrigerator Fresh Food Capacity52 cubic feet
Freezer Capacity52 cubic feet
Part NumberFM45G
Special Features“Fast Freeze” mode
Door HingesTop
Material TypeMetal
Included Components8-feet AC power cord and 10-feet DC power cord
Batteries Included?No
Batteries Required?No

Color: Black


  • Dual function: It works both as a freezer and a refrigerator with cooling that ranges from -8°F to 50°F.
  • Powerful compressor: The powerful compressor cooling system keeps your food and beverages at the temperature you desire.
  • Dual Voltage: This fridge-cum-freeze can be provided power either from your household 110 Volt outlet or your automotive battery outlet of 12 Volt.
  • Fast-freeze mode: Whynter FM-45G features fast-freeze mode for rapid cooling of your food or beverages to -8°F in a matter of minutes.
  • LED display: The design of the appliance carries LED temperature display for your convenience.
  • Long cord: This freezer comes with a 10-feet long DC power cord and an 8-feet AC power cord.
  • Durable: The outer structure is extremely tough and the side handles are made of stainless steel.
  • Bad customer support: The company is not good at responding to its customers’ queries. If any issue arises with the product, you’ll be left unattended.
  • Replacement parts: It is difficult to find the components used in this freezer individually. If a part of the fridge stops functioning properly, you’ll have a hard time finding its replacement parts.
  • Heavy: At 45 pounds, this freezer is very heavy to carry.

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  2  Alpicool C15 Portable Refrigerator

Alpicool C15 is another dual-purpose appliance. You can use it as a freezer or fridge as per your convenience. The temperature can go down to -4°F for deep chilling. It carries a highly efficient compressor and vibration resistant design keeping in mind your travel plans. Alpicool C15 works safely up to 45° tilted from horizontal. The design also features a digital control panel that lets you control the temperature electronically. You can adjust between three different levels, namely, low, medium, and high. These adjustable levels and temperature memory function together helps in saving your vehicle’s battery. This freezer can house 20 cans at a time. It can accept power from 12V and 24V outlets.


Technical Details

Brand NameAlpicool
Item Weight21.2 pounds
Product Dimensions22.4 x 12.6 x 10.2 inches
Capacity15 liters
Part NumberAlpicool
Voltage12 volts
Wattage45 watts
Batteries Included?No
Batteries Required?No
Battery Cell TypeAlkaline


  • Strong and durable: The tiny freezer is made from strong plastic material for added strength.
  • Portable: Alpicool C15 is lightweight at around 21 pounds making it highly portable.
  • Dual function: This appliance works as a refrigerator as well rather than a mini freezer only.
  • Performance: A sealed design and thick density foam insulation ensures to keep the food items cool during your journey.
  • Carry handles: The design of the appliance features carry handles on both sides for making it comfortable to move.
  • Power source: You can connect it to your household outlet, car’s outlet, and even run it via your solar system.
  • Temperature fluctuation: There is an issue with the temperature range of this freezer. It fluctuates drastically even if you do not open it often.
  • Less energy efficiency: The barrier between the cooled compartment and the warm motor is not effective in keeping the heat from the motor to reach the cooled compartment. This greatly impacts the energy efficiency of the freezer.
  • Detached top lid: The top lid is not attached to the main unit leading to loss of cooling every time you juggle to fit it back after using.

  3  Dometic CFX35W Freezer

Dometic CFX35W freezer delivers excellent cooling while consuming minimal power. It serves the purpose of both fridge and freezer. Stainless steel hinges, reinforced corners, and a robust lid lining makes the appliance last long. It is the best small apartment freezer as it occupies very less space. The power sources include 120 Volts AC and 12/24 Volts DC that makes it convenient for both household and vehicle use. These cords are included in the package. The design also features a USB port for charging your smartphone or any other similar device. Working quietly, Dometic CFX35W also displays the compartment’s temperature digitally. A drain plug is included in the formation for easy cleaning.


Technical Details

Item Weight39 pounds
Product Dimensions27.2 x 15.7 x 16.2 inches
Item model numberCFX-35W
Manufacturer Part NumberCFX-35W


  • Dual-function: Dometic CFX35W freezer can also be used as a refrigerator. It can go as low as -7°F temperature making it the best mini refrigerator with freezer.
  • Low power consumption: The appliance uses extremely low power with AC or DC. The energy saver mini fridgeworks great with solar setups as well.
  • WiFi control: You can easily monitor and control the cooling temperature of the freezer via WiFi app.
  • No frosting: There is no mess of frosting in Dometic CFX35W freezer. Ice is made in this freezer only when you want.
  • LED light: The interior side of the freezer features an energy-efficient LED light.
  • Expensive: The unit is quite expensive compared to its competitors. Buying a used mini freezer is a great alternative if you love this specific model.
  • No cover included: You will not receive any cover, to increase insulation, as part of the package.
  • Small storage: The compartments made inside the freezer decreases the effective storage space making it a very small freezer. It could have been managed better.

  4  Koolatron P27 Travel Cooler and Warmer

Travel Cooler and Warmer. 27.5 Liter

This soft-grey travel cooler from Koolatron does the double duty of being a warmer too. The 12 V mini-unit can be powered by your car’s battery consuming less energy than your car’s parking light. Position it horizontally like a chest or vertically like a traditional fridge depending on your storage limitations, it will work well for you both ways. Just stuff all your pre-chilled food items before hitting the road. Though you can keep warm food items too, but they’ll take hours to chill. It will keep all the contents cooler by 40 degrees Fahrenheit than the surrounding temperature.


Technical Details

Item Weight10 pounds
Product Dimensions17.2 x 15.2 x 15.2 inches
Item model numberP27
Manufacturer Part NumberP27


  • Doubles up as a hot-case: This one is the unique feature of this mini freezer. It doubles up as a food warmer. All you need to do is flip the cord and set it up on warming food up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Great storage: The freezer has a capacity of 29 quarts and can hold up to 48 cans at a go which is enough to keep you hydrated on your long trip.
  • Lightweight: This mini freezer runs on Thermoelectric technology and lacks any compressor, gases or coils. This makes the freezer extremely lightweight and portable.
  • Durable : This mini freezer has been made ensuring that it runs for years without any failure. The brushless motor works smoothly without any risk of breakdown
  • Cooled evenly: The freezer ensures an even temperature throughout and you don’t need to find a perfect spot to chill your cans faster.
  • Airflow: The air circulation through an internal fan keeps the unit from heating up. This helps in the proper functioning of the freezer provided you don’t block the fan accidentally.
  • Easy handling: The freezer has carry handles on either side to pick and transport the unit to and fro your picnic vehicle.
  • Loose lock: The latch on the lock easily comes off while trying to lock the freezer.
  • Short cord: The power cord of the freezer falls out frequently due to its small length. You’ll need to keep a consistent eye on it.
  • Less cooling: The constant cooling temperature of the freezer is slightly lower than as claimed.

  5  Dometic CDF-11 Smallest Portable Freezer

Dometic CDF-11 Smallest Portable Freezer Refrigerator

Dometic CDF-11 smallest freezerfeatures a 3-stage battery monitor and is ultra-portable due to its small size and being lightweight. Made of polypropylene, the appliance is weather-resistant and extremely durable. The unit’s design features electronic thermostat LED controls having soft-touch buttons for a comfortable experience. Carrying an excellent energy management system, it is bound to save power whether used in a vehicle or home. Dometic CDF-11 can also function well with a solar panel, so if you are living off-the-grid it can be your new companion. This model sports a gray look and has a capacity of 10.5 liters. A 12/24 Volt DC cable cord is included in the package.


Technical Details

Item Weight19.84 pounds
Product Dimensions21.3 x 14.1 x 9.2 inches
Item model numberCDF-11
Manufacturer Part NumberCDF-11


  • Lightweight: At 19 pounds, Dometic CDF-11 is extremely lightweight and easy to carry.
  • LED indicators: The design features LED indicators to display the necessary information.
  • Weather-resistant: Weather-resistant polypropylene has been used in the construction of the cabinet for adding durability to the product.
  • Quiet operation: Dometic CDF-11 works so quietly that you won’t even notice it doing the job.
  • Warranty: The manufacturer provides a warranty of 2 years on this model. So, you can rely on Dometic without having to worry about the repairs for defects arising naturally to the freezer.
  • Loose lid: The lid of the freezer does not feature the best design on the market. It comes off very easily.
  • Expensive: This Dometic model comes with a hefty price tag.
  • Poor customer service: Dometic’s customer care representatives work too slow while resolving a complaint. You will have to face a hard time if any issue arises with the freezer.
  • Faulty design: The freezer opens from one side while the digital display for temperature is kept on the other. So, if you place it with its back beside a wall, you will face problems in reading the temperature.


Grizzly Industrial G0441-3 HP Cyclone Dust Collector



Can I run a mini freezer on a car battery?

  • Yes, you can. A car battery can power a mini freezer while it is being run, it should be connected to an inverter which can, in turn, run your freezer till the fuel lasts. But if the battery has not been connected to the vehicle due to the vehicle being parked, it can power the freezer just for a few minutes or probably an hour with the help of an inverter back-up.


Can I run a mini freezer on solar power?

  • Yes, you can. The only thing is you need to check if its technology supports solar power mechanism. There are a lot of choices these days to choose from an array of freezers powered by the sun. Just check if your chosen one supports it or not.


Two-way vs Three-way portable mini freezer?

If you are confused between two-way and three-way portable mini freezers, let us find the differences between the two:

  • Two-way freezer has the same technology as that of the fridge at our homes, i.e., they run on compressor whereas three-way freezers don’t have compressors and use gas heat exchangers or LPG.


  • Two-way freezers use less energy and can run on 12-volt batteries or any power source of 110/240 volt. Three-way freezers use a little more energy and can run on a similar power source.


  • Unlike, two-way freezers, three-way freezers are completely soundless.


  • If you’re planning a long haul somewhere, three-way freezers are the best choice as they last way longer than the two-way ones and are quite handy.

Tips for Buying Best Portable Mini Freezer

To have a perfect portable coolant, there are many things to take into consideration. Here is a list of the most important ones, you must look at to secure one of the best portable mini freezers by consumer report. SPT freezer, Target mini freezer or the small freezer Sears offer are all certified and best-listed options.


Purpose of buying

This should be the first thing to consider while you’re planning to invest in a mini freezer. Think about the purpose you are going to get it for. Is it for your next camping trip, or are you going to keep it in your garage while spending nights on your dream start-up? Now, the answer will give you the exact size you want. For a week-long camping trip, you’d need a freezer with great storage and for your late-night garage hours, you can always restock it the next day from your house pantry. To help you decide your perfect size, we have made this list which will give you an idea of its storage capacity:


25 LitersCan store a few cans of drinks or chocolates at the most. Not suitable for a whole-day long trip for 1 person.
30-35 LitersCan store supplies like cold drink cans and frozen meals for a day-long trip for 1 person.
40-45 LitersCan store supplies for 2-3 days long trip and is most suitable for weekend hunting trips for 1 person.
50 LitersEnough to store supplies for a small family weekend trip or a week-long trip for 1 person.
60-65 LitersThis has a storage enough to feed a small family on its week-long trip. Can also be used to store beverages for your sports team on your evening play-offs.
80 LitersThis one’s perfect for a large family week-long trips. Even your whole sports team can survive on it if out for a sporty week beach-side.


Energy consumption

The next thing to look out for after deciding on the size that fits you is the energy it will need to keep itself going and the source of that energy. If it is going to be powered from your car’s battery instead of solar, make sure the consumption is minimal as you wouldn’t want your car’s battery to run out in the middle of your week-long trip.



The compressor of your freezer draws energy from your car’s battery to run on it. And how much energy it draws from the battery depends on your freezer’s insulation. The thicker the insulation, the more efficient the compressor is, thereby, draining your car’s battery lesser.

Grizzly Industrial G0441-3 HP Cyclone Dust Collector

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Clearance space

To let these compact freezers function properly, it needs a regular airflow. And to ensure that, the freezer needs to have an adequate clearance space for it. Take into consideration the clearance space you can offer to your freezer before going ahead.


Gauge wire 

To run your portable mini freezer on your vehicle’s battery, heavy wiring is imperative to withstand the current flow. So, before you buy a freezer, research the power it would need from the battery and the appropriate size of the gauge wire that you’ll need to purchase to power it. This will help you to ascertain the extra cost you’ll incur along with your freezer’s cost.


Blackout performance

This one is really important as you might have to keep your freezer sometimes off the grid/power source to save on your car’s battery. Doing so, shouldn’t cost you a spoiled or smelly food items. For how long a mini freezer can stay cool after getting off the power determines its blackout performance. Knowing this beforehand can save you hungry weekend trip or worse, eating contaminated food to stay alive.


The time we take off from our busy lives to relax should rejuvenate us in a true sense. There is no point taking a vacation from our busy lives if all we are going to have is a weekend full of hunger, sweat, and dehydration. Taking a portable mini freezer along with you to keep yourself going would make your vacation a breezy affair. The need is to find the one that matches your needs.


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