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Best Fixed Shower Head Reviews by Consumer Report 2021

A fixed showerhead is essential in any bathroom. You can make use of a handheld showerhead from time to time, but most of us feel more comfortable with a fixed shower head. The hands-free bathing experience is both comfortable and relaxing in many varieties.

We all have our preferences in the kind of spray we like. Some like simple raindrops, others want a mist spray, and some even need the highest pressure with force, so it all depends on individual preferences.
But a good shower head provides you with all options to choose the right spray and pressure as you want it.

In this article, we will look at some of the best-fixed showerheads for your convenience.

Best Fixed Shower Heads

Here we have selected some of the best showerheads for your convenience. Let’s review each option in detail. We have chosen some best low flow showerheads and also those with good pressure.


        • -Large showerhead.
        • -Can fully Swivel.
        • -Easy to clean.
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    • -Handheld showerhead.
    • -Many shower settings.
    • -Allow you to pause.
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      • -Dual showerheads.
      • -Six settings.
      • -Rubber clean jet nozzle.
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    • -Affordable price.
    • -Better coverage of water.
    • -Provides better pressure.
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  • -Self-cleaning.
  • -Multiple Spray settings.
  • -Durable Showerhead.
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  • -Long-lasting.
  • -Premium finish.
  • -Three settings for pressure.
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  1  Rainfall Shower Head by WaterPoint

WaterPoint showerhead is designed to ensure your maximum comfort. It manages good flow even with less water.

The showerhead is equipped with a special Air-ink-take system that injects tiny bubble drops in water. It not only makes you feel a good flow but has a relaxing feel as well. Soit gives the impression of heavy flow when you are not wasting much water as well.

The showerhead comes with a sleek and stylish design. It readily fits into your already existing plumbing set and enhances its beauty.

It is made of high-quality ABS plastic that is coated with chromium. It makes the showerhead weight very light.

It has a stainless steel back that looks stylish and complements its look. The color makes it look elegant.

It’s a large shower head but comes with a flow restrictor if you want to save water. It includes a 2.5 GMP capacity of water-restrictor. With the restrictor, you can control the water flow.

The showerhead is fully adjustable. It comes with a special brass Swivel that helps you to move around the showerhead to your perfect angle with ease. It can swivel all around as per your choice.

The showerhead comes with a lifetime warranty. It is also easy to clean so you can keep it in good shape for a long. You can open it and wash the mineral buildup from the tiny holes.

  • Large showerhead.
  • Can fully Swivel.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It comes with a water restrictor.
  • The air infusion gives better flow.
  • The showerhead is a bit noisy.
  • It is a bit overpriced.

  2  Delta 58467 Handshower

Delta showerhead reviews are always reassuring. They have some amazing range of showerheads.
It’s a hand shower from Delta that is designed for customer’s convenience. If you are comfortable with a hand shower, then this one comes with promising features and long-lasting durability. It’s a shower head with a hose.

The hand shower comes with a chromium fit that blends perfectly with most of the plumbing setting in bathrooms. It has a very glossy finish that looks good and works long.

It comes with a pretty decent size 2.5 GMP gives excellent flow, and it has integrated two showerheads that ensure high pressure while you are taking a shower. It promises 9.5 L/m flow.

The handheld shower can easily be docked into showerhead when not in use.

The showerhead comes with many settings so you can customize the settings as per your choice.
It also features a pause setting if you like to have intermittent flow.

The showerhead comes with a lifetime warranty, so you rest assured of its durability. This one is also a rotating shower head.

  • Handheld showerhead.
  • Many shower settings.
  • Allow you to pause.
  • Fine finish.
  • Durable material.
  • Not easy to clean.
  • The spray is a bit weak.

  3  AquaDance Showerhead

AquaDance offers a rainfall showerhead that combines all features for your maximum comfort.
The showerhead comes with six settings so you can customize your bath experience completely. You can change the flow setting, shower set, and also can pause the flow.

You can set the flow to pulsating massage if you are tired and looking for some relaxation.
The showerhead combines two qualities for your convenience. It’s a fixed showerhead but can also be used as a handheld showerhead if you prefer it that way.

The dual showerhead comes with a 4″ wide face that provides the maximum flow in the shower.
The showerhead features a special setting option for saving the water as well. You can make use of
The handheld part comes with an ergonomic grip that is comfortable for the hand.

It features clean rubber jets that prevent any kind of rust or mineral deposit in holes. You can easily clean the head from time to time to ensure the maximum flow.

The showers come with easy to use diverters. You can turn the diverter to use a specific showerhead.
The showerhead can swivel all round to help you get the best flow of water. But it also features a special anti-swivel lock so the showerhead cannot move around and stays at its place.

The showerhead comes with a lifetime warranty, and you may call one of the best-fixed showerheads that come with a handheld showerhead too.

  • Dual showerheads.
  • Six settings.
  • Rubber clean jet nozzle.
  • Diverters for using one showerhead.
  • Features an anti-swivel lock.
  • You may not need two showerheads.
    Plastic parts used in showerheads are not very durable.

  4  Delta Faucet 2-Spray H2Okinetic Shower Head

Delta Faucet comes with a high power fixed showerhead. It’s a showerhead with a large face, so it covers more area and gives better coverage. It covers three times more area than other standard showerheads.
The showerhead sprays water in a unique wave pattern. The wave pattern makes you feel good pressure and gives warmth, coverage, and intensity.

The wave pattern makes you feel good pressure without wasting much water. The showerhead comes as an easy to fix a unit that does not require much plumbing expertise. You can fix it easily without needing any special tools.
The showerhead has chromium finish that blends easily in your existing plumbing set up in the bathroom. It has a stunning finish and looks premium.

It comes with simple construction and may not add much fancy hype, but it serves the purpose and comes at a very affordable price. Delta showerhead comes with a lifetime warranty so you can install it with confidence.

  • Affordable price.
  • Better coverage of water.
  • Emit water in a wave-like pattern.
  • It provides better pressure.
  • Easy installation.
  • Cheap option.
  • Do not offer any mist control settings.
  • It does not offer advanced features.

  5  Speakman S-2252 High-Pressure Shower Head

Here is another quality option from Speakman. The showerhead comes with high pressure and a lot of adjustable settings that allow you to customize it as per your choice.
The showerhead features an exclusiveAnystream technology that requires you to simply rotate the handle for a seamless transition between diverse spray patterns.

It provides options like rain, intense, or flood so you can feel different spray settings. The spray settings help you adjust the shower speed and spray according to your mood and comfort.
The showerhead has a very typical design, but it is easy to operate as well. It is designed to give a comfortable bathing experience. It is equipped with plungers for optimizing the pressure.
The plungers have the self-cleaning capability and keep the showerhead free of any mineral deposits that may slow it down.

The durable solid brass construction makes the showerhead durable.
Overall, it’s a good option for many settings. It is a slightly pricey option but offers good value of your money.

  • Solid brass construction.
  • Plungers to change the pressure settings.
  • Self-cleaning.
  • Multiple Spray settings.
  • Durable Showerhead.
  • Pricey option.

  6  WASSA High-Pressure Shower Head

Our last option of the fixed shower head is this WASSA’s high-pressure showerhead. It’s a compact and powerful option that may not have a large face but works just fine.
The showerhead features a 3″ face that is ideal for 45 jets of water spray. The powerful pressure stays the same, even in the low water supply.
The showerhead has a filter for preventing any buildup in tiny holes. The stainless steel filter prevents any lime or mineral buildup in nozzles.
It is easy to install a unit, and you can fix it yourself. Just unscrew the old one and hand tight this showerhead.
The showerhead features a brass ball that prevents leaking or creaking. It also helps you to move around the showerhead to direct the spray.
Overall, its an affordable option for all those who are looking for the best-fixed showerheads ata low price.

  • Slim structure.
  • 3″ showerhead.
  • Affordable price.
  • Features a stainless steel filter for preventing scale buildup.
  • Brass ball for swiveling around.
  • Not very durable

Buying Guide of Fixed Showerheads

Before we lead you to the fixed shower, head reviews, here are a few things you should consider while selecting a fixed showerhead.

Type of showerhead

Showerheads are available in different types. You have the usual round shaped shower heads, the slim but square shower heads, dual shower heads, handheld or fixed showerheads.
So make up your mind in advance what type of showerhead you want. There are plenty of options when you are talking about showerheads.


We see both chromium and stainless steel finish in showerheads. They have a plastic structure that is covered with both chromium or stainless steel for durability and design.
You can choose the showerhead that suits your bathroom interior. You can look for a specific showerhead that matches the existing plumbing setting.

Shower Face

Shower face is the area that sprays water. The shower face has different dimensions.
Some showerheads have a slim structure. Others have a wide face that gives better coverage.

A Large shower face would provide a better flow, but it does not mean you can’t have a good flow with a small shower face.
Small shower face can also give a good pressure of water, but larger ones provide better coverage and pressure.


Gallons per minute is the flow rate of water. It gives you the idea of how much water your showerhead is capable of throwing in a minute.
Different showerheads offer different GPM. A usual 2.5 GMP is the average water flow that you should look in the showerhead.

Since 1992, regulators have fixed the limit of 2.5 GMP for showerheads for conserving water resources. Still, some showerheads even offer more flow rate. Choosing those options is a personal choice.
Dual shower heads exceed the limit of 2.5 GMP as you are using two showerheads so you might be consuming more water.

Flow Settings

A good showerhead should allow you to adjust the flow setting as per your choice. It should have different options so you can slow down the flow rate or make it stronger. It helps those who want to conserve water resources. You can set the flow rate to a minimum.
So, having a control overflow rate allows you to increase or decrease the flow of water.

Spray settings
Some showerheads offer different settings of spray. You can have the shower as mist, rain, flood, and there are too many other options.
Some showerhead even allows you to set the spray setting on massage like spray. The spray helps you ease of the tension from the body as if you are having a massage.


Having a warranty is always reassuring. You can rest assured the showerhead is built to last. So make sure you choose an option that comes with a lifetime guarantee.


Showerheads are available in different price ranges. You may find a low priced option that is easy to afford. But it will not provide you with the different speed, pressure, and spray settings that you want.
A premium offer will allow you to have different kinds of sprays and great pressure as well.
So it all boils down to individual needs and preferences. You can choose a low priced option if you are not very interested in too many shower settings, aesthetics, or other luxury options.


What are the best-rated showerheads?
We have lots of quality products on the market. Some of them are backed by years of experience and good service.
Some of the best names that we can suggest are Aqua Dance, Delta and Speakman.
These companies offer a wide variety of showerheads both in fixed and handheld options.
They come with some very pricey and advanced options as well as some affordable shower heads for those who have a limited budget.

What is a Rain shower head?
A rain shower head is just like any other showerheads. But it sprays water like raindrops.
The showerhead is great for areas with low pressure of water as it does not spray water with pressure but like the falling rain.
Even some normal showerheads provide you with the option of the kind of spray you want to have. Rain showers do not have strong pressure, so it may not be suitable for you if you like to have a strong pressure of water in the bath.
But for those who want this kind of spray, it works fine. An excellent choice is to invest in a showerhead that provides you with different options for adjusting the spray settings. They may cost a bit more than regular showerheads but certainly offer good value of money.

What is a good GMP of a showerhead?
GMP stands for Gallons per minute. It’s a unit to measure the pressure of a showerhead. The amount of water a showerhead is capable of providing.
Obviously, you want maximum flow while taking a bath, but we should also consider conserving the energy. 2.5 GMP is an ideal flow rate when you are taking about showerheads. It’s enough to provide you with a luxurious bath.
Since 1992, 2.5 GMP is also federally mandated flow rate for showerheads. Some states even regulated less GMP for conserving energy and water.

How can I make my showerhead stronger?
Any showerhead can build up minerals and other deposits in its holes. Those living in areas with hard water have to deal with this problem more frequently.
You can look for a showerhead that is easy to clean and allow you to open the face so you can clean it properly. You can also look for a showerhead with a silicon base inside the showerhead for preventing the mineral buildup that blocks the showerhead’s holes.
A simple method of ensuring a powerful flow of water is to keep the showerhead clean. You can open the showerhead and dip its face in vinegar.
Leaving it in vinegar solution will loosen up the mineral buildup. You can later brush off the interior. Make use of any toothpick or other small object for making sure all holes are open.

If you are using a water-saving showerhead, you may not get very high pressure. You can look at the shower setting to see if it is set on high for providing you with the good pressure.

Do Dual Showerheads use more water?
Dual showerheads offer a very convenient and comfortable bath. It consists of two shower heads so you can use them at a time. It offers a luxurious bath as you can set both sprays from different directions.
Another type of dual showerhead is when you have both handheld and a fixed showerhead. In that case, you may not be using both options at a time.
Dual showerheads not only costs much but also consume more water if you are using both heads at a time.
It’s one thing if you have set the spray settings on low, but if you are using both sprays on high power, then you are consuming more water.
Dual showerheads then provide more water flow than the limitation set by regulating authorities for conserving water and energy.

Can changing shower head increase water pressure?
If you are using an old showerhead with clogged holes, then changing the showerhead can definitely increase the water pressure.
Even if you have a problem of low supply of water at home, you can look for a showerhead with special technologies that let you feel a great pressure consuming less water.
These showerheads add air to the mist or water droplets that make you feel good pressure while consuming very little water.

How do you fix low water pressure in the shower?

There are certain ways you can fix the low water pressure in the shower.
First, by investing in a good quality showerhead with a larger face, you can look for an option with multiple pressure settings to help you have your required spray and pressure.
You can fix the older shower by cleaning it. It’s simple; you can open the shower face and wash it with vinegar or baking soda solution. Cleaning the tiny nozzles and removing the mineral deposits can fix the pressure issue.

Final Words

Fixed showerheads are easy to handle and offer you a comfortable bath. You can move the showerhead to all sides for adjusting the direction of water flow.
All options in our list of the best-fixed showerheads are carefully chosen for your convenience. Make sure you choose the showerhead that suits your needs the best and fits in the budget as well.

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