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Best Ash Vacuum By Consumer Reports

You’re here because ash must be a regular sight in your home. And the source could be any; fireplace, pizza oven or barbecue. Spending time around all these cozy areas with a steak or bagel on our plate is all of our favorite pastime in breezy evenings. But the hangover that feeling leaves us with the next day is equally unwanted by one and all: ash and soot all around. And before it gets to the point of affecting us, the mess needs to be cleared up.


The best way to clean dust has always been vacuuming it. But the dust from ash is not your regular kind of dust. So, vacuuming it effectively from every crevice isn’t possible with the regular vacuum. An expert is needed to wipe out all these tiny fine particles out of your home and that expert is a special vacuum cleaner for ashes in a fireplace. Its main task is to suck in all the ash without leaving its traces or allergens behind, thereby, keeping you and your family healthy.

5 Best Ash Vacuum Reviews

For the task of fireplace vacuum, hot ash is normal. So while finding the best ash vacuum by consumer reports, look for its tendency to withstand a little heat. Here are a few, that does their job well.


        • -Carry handle
        • -Effectiveness
        • -Silent working
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      • -Versatile nozzle
      • -Lightweight
      • -Carry handle
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        • -Fire-resistant frame
        • -Patented Filter Technology
        • -Fire-resistant hose
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      • -Heat-resistant
      • -Powerful
      • -Washable filters
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    • -Powerful suction
    • -3-in-1 function
    • -Good cleaning reach
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  1  Cougar Ash Vacuum

Cougar is one of the best pellet stove vacuum cleaner available in the market. The device comes equipped with a patented filter system that can pick even the smallest ash particles for a cleaner look. You do not require to open the canister when you want to clean the filter. A simple shake given to the agitator after removing the brass cap is enough to clear out the dust particles from the filter. This filter and canister are both flame-resistant to keep you safe from extremely hot particles of ash as well. Cougar features a powerful motor that is superbly efficient and silent at the same time.


  • Cleaning: It is extremely simple and easy to clean.
  • Carry handle: It features a convenient carry handle for added comfort.
  • Effectiveness: It can clean both dry and wet particles effectively.
  • Silent working: The motor works without much noise.
  • Temperature-resistance: It can withstand temperatures as high as 1000 degrees due to thermal-plastic body material. The fireplace vacuums hot ashes like a pro.
  • Power: The motor is very powerful and delivers excellent performance consuming very low power.
  • Sealed canister: The canister comes sealed to prevent the ash from entering your home environment.
  • No wheels: The design does not have wheels to carry it easily.
  • Expensive: It is a little pricier than other ash vacuums.
  • Cord length: The cord length is short and hinders proper functioning.

See the product spec at a glance

UPC 617450000148 
Length 15 in. 
Width15 in.
Height 22 in. 
Weight17 lbs 
Color Black
Water Lift55.00 in 
Air Flow90.00 CFM
Noise Level 80.00 dB
Cord Length6.00 ft
Hose Length5.00 ft
Warranty 10 Yr. 
Port Size 1.25″ 
Included With This Product: Cougar Ash Vacuum, Inner Filter, Outer Filter, 5-Foot Metal Flex Hose, 13” Metal Nozzle, 8 Piece Tool Kit, Drawstring Tool Bag 

  2  Vacmaster VQ607SFD Vacuum

Vacmaster is an affordable vacuum with decent features on offer. With a 3 HP motor, you can clean almost all the surfaces with ease. The design features a stainless steel tank for collecting dust and debris for a sturdy finish. It can carry up to 6 gallons of dust within. The appliance is lightweight and portable with an easy to carry handle. Also, it is equipped with wheels for easy moving. A 12-feet long cord and 7-feet long hose add to the functionality as well. As part of accessories, you will receive a 2-in-1 utility nozzle, a dust brush, a crevice tool, and two extension wands. You will also receive three filters with Vacmaster. The power switch is sealed to prevent the entry of dust into the crevices of the vacuum.


  • Versatile nozzle: The attached nozzle can perform multi-floor cleaning. Whether your floor is carpeted or vitrified, it ensures to clean the surface properly.
  • Lightweight: This pellet stove vacuum is ultra-lightweight at just around 16 pounds for carrying it around your home.
  • Carry handle: The design of the vacuum features a handle at the top for easy transportation.
  • Durable: Vacmaster features a stainless steel tank that is weather resistant making the vacuum durable.
  • Organization: The vacuum comes with molded cut-outs for storing accessories on-board.
  • Effectiveness: Vacmaster carries multi-use cleaning capabilities and picks up both wet and dry ash particles efficiently.
  • Drainage: It sports a large drain port for easy and fast emptying.
  • Long cord: A 12-feet long cord can clean your whole room without any hassle. The cord wraps up conveniently when not in use.
  • Wheels: For added convenience, the vacuum is equipped with a set of wheels underneath.
  • Warranty: It comes with a warranty of two years.
  • Carpeted floor: This vacuum is not good at cleaning the carpeted floors efficiently.
  • Suction: The machine is not good at suction and is much less powerful than its competitors.
  • Metal canister issue: The metal canister is super thin and deteriorates quite fast.

See the product spec at a glance

Tank Size 6 Gal 
Tank Material Stainless Steel
Peak HP3
Voltage 120V-60Hz 
Cord Length 12 Ft.
Drain PlugYes
Hose Diameter7 Ft. x 1-1/4 In
Replacement Filters VCFF, VCFS, VFF51, VDBP Tank Size: 6 Gal 
Tank MaterialStainless Steel
Drain Plug Yes
Hose Diameter7 Ft. x 1-1/4 In
Warranty2 Year Limited
Included With This Product: 7 Ft. x 1-1/4 In. Hose, Air Control / Contour Handle, 2 Extension Wands, Cartridge Filter, Dust Bag, Reusable Foam Sleeve, Multi-Surface Floor Nozzle, 2-in-1 Utility Nozzle, Crevice Tool, Round Dust Brush 

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  3  Cheetah Ash Vacuum

The Cheetah Ash Vacuum by Dustless Technologies uses the patented dual filter technology which is successful at capturing even the finest of the ash particles found in pellet stoves, corn stoves, wood stoves, fireplaces, pizza oven, and barbecue. It is adept at sucking in all the cold and warm ash particles but bars to collect the hot ones from wood or coal as it can damage the unit almost instantly. Also, attempting to capture large chunks can be damaging for the unit. Break the big chunks with the metal nozzle first into finer ash particles before vacuuming them. The package includes one inner and one outer filter to effectively collect the ash; one metal flex hose for easy mobility and one metal nozzle for sucking all that ash by hovering over.


  • Fire-resistant frame: The vacuum has been made from strong metal which makes it withstand heat without getting damaged.
  • Patented Filter Technology: The filter technology installed in the vacuum has been patented to capture the finest ash particulate matter.
  • Fire-resistant hose: The hose of the vacuum is fire-resistant and does not get melted or damaged while capturing warm ash.
  • Easy cleaning: The cleaning of the filters has been made easy by letting it get done without opening the whole unit.
  • Great bin capacity: The ash collecting capacity of the bin is great with three gallons at a time. This will save you the time and effort of emptying it frequently.
  • Weak filters: The capacity of the filters is very less and they need frequent cleaning due to extreme clogging.
  • Ineffective for warm ash: This is not a warm ash vacuum as it might damage the hose rather sooner.
  • Low suction: The suction power of the vacuum is a bit low and it negatively impacts its ash collecting capacity in one go.
  • Noisy: The vacuum is a little more noisy as compared to some other good brands out there.

See the product spec at a glance

Amps 6 Amp 
Voltage  110V Motor
Sound Level: 90 dB
Tank Size3 Gallon Ash Capacity 
Filter SystemDual
Fire Resistant  up to 1000 °F
Hose Length5 ft. Metal Hose and Nozzle
Items IncludedCanister, 5′ Metal Hose, Steel Nozzle, Inner Filter, Outer Filter
Warranty 3 Years

  4  PowerSmith PAVC101 Ash Vacuum

This PowerSmith ash vac by Amazon Renewed is a certified refurbished product and has been tested to look and work just like new. Amazon is undoubtedly is a trusted name for refurbished products and all the products in this category are tested for their quality and performance. And the same holds for this vac too. It is perfect ash vac for pellet stove, fireplaces, barbecue grills, and wood stoves. There are added accessories as part of the purchase for easy cleaning. A 16-foot long cord makes cleaning extremely easy by letting you reach every nook and corner.


  • Heat-resistant: The frame of the vacuum has been made from metal that can withstand warm ash. Both the canister and hose are specially made fire-resistant as they are the first to bear the heat.
  • Quiet: The vacuum is very quiet as compared to the usual ones out there on the market.
  • Powerful: At 10 Ampere, the vacuum is powerful enough to capture all the ash without losing suction in the middle of the cleaning process.
  • Warranty: The vacuum comes with a minimum 90-day warranty authorized by none other than the stalwart itself, Amazon.
  • Washable filters: The filters of the vac can be washed when they need a quick cleaning. Additionally, they can also be replaced easily if the need arises.


  • No wet ash: If you want to capture wet ash with it, the filters may get clogged as they are made from cloth.
  • Heavy: At almost 10 pounds, it is a bit bulky vacuum to go with.
  • Quality compromise: The quality of the product may not be up to the mark you’d have expected as it is a refurbished one and the product is only checked if it is up and running.

See the product spec at a glance

Item Weight 13 pounds 
Product Dimensions 14 x 14 x 15 inches 
ColorGreen & Black
Style Ash Vacuum Set
Shape Round
Power SourceCorded Electric
Voltage120 V
Wattage1200 W 
Amperage Capacity10:00 AM
Sound Level 79 dB
Cord Length16 Feet
Included ComponentsPowersmith Pavc101 10 Amp Ash Vacuum, Metal Hose, Metal Nozzle, Wheeled Base, 2- Straight Extensionwands, Brush Nozzle, Turbo Nozzle, 1- Filter
Warranty 2 years 

  5  Stanley Wet Dry Vacuum

This wet dry ash vacuum cleaner from Stanley has got raving reviews from one and all due to its multifunctional vacuuming. And with a powerful motor, it does its job of cleaning effectively. With large bin capacity, vacuuming smaller areas are easier than ever. Though the capacity makes it a perfect unit for vacuuming garage, basement, workshop, van, house, etc. And with a long vacuuming reach, you don’t have to take the hassle of unplugging the unit to find another nearest power source. And as a bonus, you get many accessories, namely, floor nozzle, crevice nozzle, gulper nozzle, extension wand, and many more, as part of the purchase.


  • Large capacity: At six gallons, the dust collecting capacity of this vacuum is quite large which saves your time of emptying it frequently.
  • Powerful suction: The suction power of this vac stands at four horsepower which means effective ash capturing without any interruptions.
  • 3-in-1 function: This vac is multifunctional and does three varying tasks for you, vis-a-viz, vacuuming wet spills, capturing dry ash and blow-drying sawdust or dry leaves, etc.
  • Good cleaning reach: The vacuum comes with a great cleaning reach and covers a large area while vacuuming courtesy its 6-foot long hose and a 10-foot long power cord.
  • On-board storage: The power cord and hose sit conveniently over the top of the vacuum and gets tucked there safely when not in use.
  • Swiveling casters: The casters of the vac swivels comfortably on all sides for easy mobility of the unit while you’re doing the cleaning task. This also helps to keep the cord and hose from tangling.
  • Warranty: This fireplace vacuum carries a 12-year warranty for any manufacturer defects.
  • Heavy: At 14 pounds, the vacuum is a bulky one.
  • Weak handle: The handle provided for mobility lacks strength and can come off easily.
  • Thin hose: At 1.25 inches, the hose is too thin to collect loads of ash in a go.

See the product spec at a glance

Peak HP 
Tank Size8 gallon
Airflow85 CFM
Blower Type Rear blower port
Cord Length10 ft. power cord built-in cord wrap 
Accessories include 1 ¼” x 5’ hose, two extension wands, crevice nozzle, gulper nozzle, floor brush, foam filter, cloth bag with clamp ring, and dust bag.
BodyStainless Steel
Hose Length6 ft
Voltage120 V
Warranty1 YEAR

Grizzly Industrial G0441-3 HP Cyclone Dust Collector

Tips to buy the best ash vacuum cleaner 

Buying a vacuum for ashes isn’t the same as buying a regular vac as the only thing common in them is the word vacuum. Shopping for both is like shopping for two different appliances. Though both of their basic task is to vacuum dust, but the kind of dust is the king here. It can make or break your vacuum cleaner if you accidentally employ a wrong one. So, let’s discuss everything you’ll need to check in your ash vac before buying it.


The size of your ash vacuum cleaner must not be big. Buying a small-sized vacuum cleaner makes it easy to steer around the fireplace or barbecue without any hassle. Also, it can be carried along to the camping trips to clean all the barbecue ash you might have added to the nature while cooking food out there.


The larger the bin, the more ash you can collect in one go. If you are a regular at burning wood, you know the amount of ash residue it leaves. If the dust canister of your vacuum is small, you might have to keep emptying it in the middle of your cleaning session.


More powerful the motor of the ash vacuum cleaner, faster and more efficient the cleaning act. The power of the motor determines the sucking power of the vac and with many small piles of ash around, the more it is the better. It’ll help to suck all the ash inside without leaving any trace or letting it go out of the dust bag.

Cord & Hose 

The power cord and hose of the best ash vacuum should be long enough to go places, especially the inside of the pizza stove or fireplace. It can even reach ceiling above the fireplace where ash particles may have flown and stuck along.


A long cord or hose needs to be stored properly so that you don’t get tripped over it. Hence, on-board storage for both is a must for your safety. The storage organizer of the vacuum keeps the unused length of these both tucked inside the vac only.

Type of ash collection

Ash vacuum cleaners are divided into further two types depending on the type of ash they can collect.

The first type of vacs are the ones that are made to collect only cooled ash particles. If they are used for vacuuming hot ash, they risk damage. An important thing to mention here is that ash particles can take from a day to a few days for getting cooled properly including any hot sparks still flickering.

The second type of vacs are the ones that have especially been engineered to withstand the cold as well as warm ash particles without any damage. They are made from strong metal structure. Many high-end vacs can even withstand heat from ash particles up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.


The more the tools offered with the ash vacuum, the better. Look for the utility tools, crevice tools, and metal wands with the one you are zeroing in on. Having all the tools handy will help a thorough cleaning of all the ash particles from every nook and corner.

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Grizzly Industrial G0441-3 HP Cyclone Dust Collector



  • Why do I need an ash vacuum cleaner?

A. Ash vacuum cleaner is a must if you burn wood regularly for a fireplace or while barbecuing. Reason being, the burnt wood leaves a lot of ash in the form of wood fibers behind it as a residue. This residue can be dangerous for you if left behind unattended. Breathing in those ash particles can be damaging for your lungs. The allergens from those wood fibers are also harmful for you and your family members, especially the sensitive members like kids, elderly and pets.

Additionally, the ash build-up can block the air intake while starting a new fire and will make you end up using more fuel to keep the fire running. Also, the soot can damage your clothes and your upholstery, thereby, increasing your washing and dry cleaning costs.


  • Can I vacuum ash with the regular vacuum?

A: No, you can not. And there is more than one reason for not doing so:

  • Your regular home vacuum cleaner is not engineered to pick the hot ash particles. Trying to do so will certainly damage the vac.
  • The heat of the ash can melt the hose, bin, and body of the vac. More so, it can even start a fire with a little spark hidden inside ash.
  • The minute ash particles will escape the bin and enter the motor of your regular vac, thereby, damaging the entire working of your vac.
  • The HEPA filter of your expensive regular vac isn’t designed to hold these fine ash particles and hence, gets easily damaged as soon as the ash enters.


  • Can I use an ash vacuum cleaner for regular cleaning?

A: Ash vacuum cleaners are built in a way to capture fine dust particles like ash. Any large chunks of other household waste will damage the filter of these ash vacs. So, if your regular house cleaning involves vacuuming some fine dust particles and debris only, then using the ash vac will serve the purpose without any damage to the appliance. Otherwise, using your regular vac is recommended.



As mesmerizing it feels to spend time around the fireplace, equally messy it gets the next day with all that ash and soot everywhere. But sacrificing our little happy moments for one ugly one doesn’t seem worth it. After all, with every positive, there is a negative paired up. The need is to master the technique of only letting all the positivity in our lives by handling the negativities well. And having a small ash vacuum is the best way to handle the negativity of our cozy moments. Simply check for all fireplace vacuum reviews before investing.

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