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5 Essential Plumbing Fixes To Make Your Home Spring-Ready

Making your living space spring-ready takes more than changing the curtains, packing away the winter rugs, and decluttering the rooms. It is also about essential fixes in your plumbing systems. More often than not, pipes and drains suffer damage during the harsh winter months when water freezes inside them. The repeated contraction and expansion can cause cracks and weak spots. Even if nothing seems amiss, a maintenance check at this time of the year is a wise move. A plumbing makeover before the summer gives you more time to enjoy the weather ahead. Here are the essential fixes you must invest in to make your home spring-ready.

Ensure optimal water pressure

The last thing you want in spring is a disappointing shower. Although you may not see it as a major problem, resolving small ones always helps. Low water pressure is a common problem after winters, and it usually happens due to a clogged aerator. Try cleaning the screens of your faucets first. Even better, call an expert to check your plumbing system. They may find a leak or clog somewhere. At times, low water pressure indicates a problem with the line. 

Address slow drains

Like low water pressure, slow drains are also an indication of a clog. You must pay attention to the issue. A clog in the colder season makes the pipes vulnerable to freezing. Get plumbing repair before spring to have a problem-free season ahead. Drain cleaning is enough to address most clogs. But a stubborn one may require more work as a damaged sewer line could be the real cause. 

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Get repairs for leaky pipes

Resolve sump pump damages

Plumbing leaks are more common in winter due to evident reasons. As you step into the warmer season, you must call a plumber for a complete checkup of your plumbing pipes. It is easy to overlook minor leaks, but they can lead to costly damages eventually. Moreover, leaky pipes can have mold formation, which can affect your health. Look out for signs like water spots, discolored wallpaper, bubbling paint, and musty smell, and get help right away. 

Resolve sump pump damages

It is easy to forget about your sump pump during the winter season. But it is an important appliance because it keeps your basement flood-free. While the rainy season may still be a few months away in spring, a maintenance check for your sump pump is necessary. Call an expert to inspect for damages. Do a test run and schedule a repair if it does not start immediately.

Check dripping faucets

The last thing you want to do is live with the annoying sounds of water dripping from your taps. But homeowners often tend to ignore dripping faucets as they do not seem like a big deal. However, they can lead to wastage of water and interfere with your sustainable living mindset. Call an expert to check the faucets and repair or replace them before spring arrives.  

A plumbing overhaul should be on your spring maintenance checklist to have a comfortable season ahead. Follow these points and look for other issues. Address them sooner rather than later for a stress-free spring.

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